100+ Inspirational quotes 2020

100+ Inspiring Quotes for All Seasons: New Book Alert

Compilation of entries from over 16 authors is included in this amazing book from the just concluded 21 days quote challenge.

Did you follow us on the Inspiring Quotes Challenge for 2020? If no, you need to 2020 QUOTES CHALLENGE; do you remember me saying over 16 authors joined in this challenge? Here’s the link to that post: ENJOYING LITTLE THINGS

Well, for some weeks after that; we have been compiling the entries gotten from over 16 writers into a book; just for YOU; I felt so excited to tell you this; but I have nursed some fears, what if people don’t read it? I mean, who reads a book on quotes? Isn’t quotes boring?

But here is an answer I found to my fear; DO IT AFRAID

So I have decided to do it afraid; I sat with my system for days thinking on how to make the book unique, beautiful and attractive for you, my potential readers.

The quotes was compiled; and the editorial team spurred up into action. By God’s grace, the team made it work.

What you should expect from this book: 100+ INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES 2020 EDITION
  • Access to over 150+ unique quotes by amazing writers
  • Opportunity to print any quote you love, and perhaps turn it into a life mantra
  • Read top articles culled from this beautiful website
  • Read motivational writeups from some of the authors
  • Give us feedback and get added to the family of writers to receive a firsthand notification.

It gladdens my heart you decided to stop by and download a copy; it means more to me.

To download your copy; click on the button below

If this is your first time on my website; I warmly welcome you.

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From the Team of Writers on the Quote Challenge 2020; we want to appreciate you for downloading a copy. If you encounter any difficulties downloading; Kindly send us a mail at [email protected]

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