12 songs and more; my vibes for the Month of March: Remembering God's faithfulness

12 songs and more; my vibes for the Month

Introducing you to my playlist for the month of March; I hope it inspires someone to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and goodness no matter what comes their way

Introducing you to a playlist; you can play it over and over again. Anyone had plans for February, and you suddenly felt you haven’t even achieved a fraction of it? I mean, I felt this, but hey, I am alive. Yes, alive to see another month, that is March, bouncing in God’s faithfulness, knowing my steps are ordered. Knowing God is faithful, good, amazing, unfathomable and yes, he still answers prayer.

Perhaps, you are in the companion of those who doubts God’s power; or you haven’t felt it for a while. You have sought healing, and it ain’t coming. You have cried those secret tears, laughed in public, but deep within; you never felt the connection with your maker. You have so many questions, you can’t count. You are easily displaced from his presence, and you find it hard to find your footing with God. Hey, God is going to hold on to you; He will carry you. You are not alone.

I will keep updating this playlist; do you have any song you wish to be added. Join the train by leaving a comment. Your recommendation may save or hold a priceless soul this month.

Let’s go…..

A reminder of God's faithfulness, a playlist for the month of March
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