Their scoundrel laughter,
Made me shed painful tears,
Their baseless accusation,
Made me blame all what humanity is about

I was left alone,
Well it wasn’t a wish I bargained for,
With sorrowful heart,
I bade Mama goodbye

And when the tide turned,
I faced the music,
Of heartless beings,
Who called themselves human

I hoped Mama is watching,
Can she see the tears that run down?
Can she see the hurt her death caused?
Can she feel my pain also?

I never bargained for it,
Who would wish to suffer
Yet I was treated with scoff
Only if they knew how much it hurt

Who would comfort me?
Who will be a friend?
For in the midst of shameless human,
I find myself crying bitterly

Oh,  I wish they understood
I wish they thought about the future,
Or do they think I will cry forever?
Well,  let the future come,
For I will prove them wrong

  …. That Angels are watching,
    Mama is crying  for me,
      My tears can’t be forever
     I hope they have a taste of their wickedness
          …. Just when the Future comes…
       That is my prayer for I NEVER BARGAINED for This…

From the Writer to You: Do no WICKEDNESS..  Think of the FUTURE…

      PHOTO CREDIT : Fleance Forkuo  Arts

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