Can we question God’s way? Behold, how deep

“Martinas; God, are you really are serious about this? ” Tolu voiced out concerned.

“Well.. I can’t say… What else do you want me to do Tolu? Cmon, a woman my age would definitely be fed up” she explained

“But?? ”

“I know, I know Tolu” she sat on the bed furiously pushing away the piles of clothes on the floor, Tolu stood staring at her lost of words.

“Can you please just be calm, Martinas? This idea really isn’t the best” she touched her arms stopping her action

Martinas looked at Tolu as though she wasn’t really helping matters “Didn’t God say his thoughts for us are for good and not of evil? Now tell me Tolu, is that true?”

“Don’t question God, just don’t”

“I certainly will question God because right now I need answers… I need God to answer me and prove himself God” her voice broken with tears clouding her eyes

“No Martinas, don’t think like that… I know how deeply it must hurt you but don’t think like this girl, never give the devil a room into your life” she advised praying her friend was listening

“The devil?? Really, the devil?? Tolu, goddammit you are talking of the devil right now” she said mockingly with a slight grin

“This isn’t you Martinas, this isn’t you at all”

Martinas kept quiet, her hair was in a mess unlike her “I don’t know myself anymore, dammit Tolu… This is the third time, not once but thrice… Cmon, I don’t even know myself anymore, so how can you know me? ” she was broken beyond repair, tears running down her face as her friend gathered her into her arms to offer the little comfort she could.

“Tolu…. This.. is… the third… time… I’m losing it again for the third time… Everyone of them left… Why me? Why me after all Tolu, I am a Christian or is that a mirage? Why me? ” she spoke in between tears as Tolu patted her slowly.

Not once but thrice…. Her suitors all left her just a few days to introduction.

Isn’t she truly under a spell? What was wrong?

Where was God in the midst of it all? Where was God, the all present one?

Where was he when things are becoming messy than she could handle?

“Martinas… you are a good girl so don’t you worry too much” the pastor’s wife spoke softly to her

“I am not a good girl at all… If I am truly a good girl, I wouldn’t be in this mess” she argued

“Even good people get hurt Martinas and you are no exception”

“I shouldn’t get hurt, not like this… I’m growing a bit old, my parents are getting impatient and isn’t God really good to everyone? Then why should it be like this?”

“God is good to everyone including to you; perhaps you have stopped seeing it Martinas”

The Pastor’s wife was not helping her like she thought she would, Martinas rose up from the seat to leave when her words called her back

“Martinas, don’t let what you face cloud your eyes from looking up to the one who sees everything you go through. Through valleys and hills, he is still God. It is a phase, child”

“Perhaps, he is trying to teach you something… after all, he is the God of the hills and valleys. You might be doing something wrong he wanted to make right, he is God Martinas no matter how much you so dislike him right now… He’s God even when you feel low. He’s God”

“Also, know that you are not alone… Believe you aren’t alone and watch things work out in your favour, you see my favorite verse of the Bible is in Romans 11:33 which says O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!”

“My favorite portion of the verse is the one which says God’s ways are past finding out… Try not to find out God’s ways Martinas, trust him just like a little child… He’s God, Martinas, he’s God”

Martinas rested her back against the wall letting the words sink in, while the tears dropped down; the pastor’s wife walked up to her giving her a hug.

In the hills and valleys of your life, know that God is still God and his ways are past finding out… Don’t ever try to figure it out, you will only stress yourself but trust him… Why?

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Because he is God and never forget once have I seen a soul who regretted turning it all to God, give God your struggles, your disappointments, your troubles, your pressures, your failures, your successes, your achievements… Why, someone might ask?

Absurd as it might be to you, it is because he is God

The center of it all,
The God of the hills and valleys of our lives,
He’s God and we can’t ever ever dispute that

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Christians, read this

I remain,  Kudabo Victory


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