You supply the GRIT,  he gives you the GRACE


Standing aloof the fenced wall was Kevin Babarinde, a man in his mid twenties; he kept his beard trimmed, and muscular arms folded against his chest.  In brief seconds, he moved to rest his back against the wall with his earpiece plugged in to his phone, one he left swinging in the air as the music played beneath. David could sense the unusual silence in the atmosphere as he walked up to Kevin with his smile intact,  just in case Kevin needed being encouraged with a smile.


  “Kevin” he tapped him


He jerked releasing his folded arms but then frowned when he sighted his friend beside him smiling.


“You have just disrupted my attention David; and you know I don’t like it” he complained


 “But you stood so aloof amidst the crowd,  I had been watching you for some minutes now”


“Privacy at times is needed David, and for once I want to enjoy my presence; alone” he stressed


 Swiftly before Kevin’s mood turns sour,  he spoke “I am sorry, but your face is like one of a worried soul.  Tell me, is there anything that bothers you?”


 The way he spoke the last words tugged at his heart and he melted into a true smile.  David was the definition of a true friend, and he loved the fact that he loves David as a friend and brother “It is nothing to worry about David. Besides,  I am not alone. You know well the presence of God goes with me everywhere I go as long as I remain his child”


 David grinned “Your love for God is deep,  I wonder if I can measure up to that.”


 He laughed slowly “You don’t have to measure up to my kind of love.  You are free to love God just as much as he loves you. I think that should do”


“Of course, it should” he replied watching as people passed by.  He wasn’t satisfied with Kevin’s answer to his question, as a friend he knew deep within him that something was troubling his dear friend.


 “So Kevin,  how is it going with the planting of the local church in your area?  Pastor Goodness mentioned it to me that you were given the task to establish a church in the neighborhood”


He struggled to smile and David noticed; Kevin was quick to speak before he could say another word.


 “God surely is faithful”


“You are struggling to say those words Kevin,  what’s wrong?”


“I don’t know David;  it is kind of difficult to say”


“You can trust me, say anything” he placed his hand on his right shoulder to offer encouragement.


 “I am developing cold feet David,  I feel I am not up to the task of planting a new church. Somehow,  I feel terrified and afraid. What if I begin the planting of the church and perhaps build the church physically?  What if no one turns up? What if the church ends up to be like other churches who spread falsehood so they can get members trooping in?  What if the church ends up to be the opposite of Christ’s mandate for the earthly church? There are a lot of what ifs that is running through my mind friend”


David let down his hand dropping it by his side “The Christian life is a life of Grace and nothing more than that.  We do everything for Christ because he giveth grace. Kevin, don’t be afraid to be courageous, grace is enough for you as long as you do everything in accordance to God’s will”


 Snapping his fingers together as his usual practice when conversation gets deeper,  David continued “You see, never drift away from God’s calling, if you do… you let go of Grace. Beloved, be courageous and do the work of God since Christ has made you qualified even when you think you are unqualified. Do the work of God with courage implanted and radiating in you”


 “John Thomas,  a dear old Welsh preacher use to say while preaching; words that you might find useful, he said: Supply the Grit and God will Supply the Grace. That settles it all… Grace abounds friend even in your fear”


 “I supply the Grit and God supplies the Grace” Kevin repeated into the air as the wind blows softly against his face.  


 Whatever David said made no sense to him but the phrase is one he will keep to heart for ages to come.  It’s just like saying; he as a minister of God gets the courage to work for God and do his will, while God on his own part will always give him Grace.


He smiled as he thought of a Bible verse “David, this verse of the Bible becomes clear in 1 Peter 5:10 (KJV)

  [10] But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you”


“Kevin,  it is realizable that everything in Christ all centers on his Grace”


“Yes, Grace my friend though a few misuse that Grace” he spoke referring to another situation his friend knew nothing about.



You Supply the GRIT; God supplies the GRACE


   Beloved of God,  it is quite easy serving God truthfully and following after him;  all you need is a decision and a mind to do so…. Once this is in place,  the grace of God abounds much more than you can imagine.


 Remember the grace of God is not to cover the multitude of sins but to give you the needed power to overcome sin…


 May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abides with you always. Amen


©Kudabo Victory, 2018


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