THE CHARGE: 2018 to 2019

The Charge to every believer I reached forth with my quavering fingers as I hand picked the notepad resting amidst two books in the shelf, careful not to make a loud noise for my five year old sister lay asleep in the living room; I tiptoed into the empty store room just above my father’s private chamber. My mother was out on a missionary trip with my father and I stayed home as a guardian to my two sisters, Anne and Rachel.

My heart beats fast as I sat on the floor in the room with the notepad on my laps, the library in the home belonging to my father was out of bounds to we, his children but I had dared the impossible. Grateful, I was happy my parents weren’t at home to catch me in the act and my sisters were busy sleeping.

Like a noble thief that I was, I opened the notepad and staring at me on its pioneer page was a simple phrase calligraphed. For split seconds, my mind wandered far away to my parent’s handwriting, none of them could write as beautiful as what I was seeing. Father was an impatient man and when he writes, you hardly see his words; mother was calm and gentle, she writes a bit too slow.

I was quick to conclude the notepad belongs to neither of my parents, I opened further to read its content.

Dear David,

It begins and I stopped, my father’s name is David. Who was writing to Dad? And why attach a Dear to his name? Father never talked about his growing up, in fact he speaks not so often that I wonder how mother communicates with him. As a child growing up, I filled myself with imaginations of how growing up for my father could be like. Perhaps, he lived with autocratic parents or suffered from the ‘I can’t talk a lot’ syndrome. Rachel suffers from that also.

Returning my gaze to the opened book, I read the words addressed to my dear father with so much attention that I miss not a single word.

Dear David, I read aloud in the room
Consider it a pleasure to write this to you as a beloved brother in the Lord that you are, your words a few years ago resounds in my heart even as I write. You spoke to me as a friend and even a brother who loves me just as much as Christ loved me. I remember how I drifted far away into the world and you called me foolish for chasing the mundane things of this world, I was almost falling to rise no more but you lifted me up just as a brother who was called to be a watchman.

David, thank you for not giving me the chance to drift away from Christ, just as you quoted the verse of the Bible in Hebrews 12:12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees. A true brother such as you is worth remembering, and as I lay to sleep deep on my bed I remembered you in my dying hour as a brother, thank you David for it was because of you I continued in the Lord and never gave up. Boldly I can say that the gates of heaven are wide open from me to come in.

Till I see you in that glorious abode, thank you for your charge my friend, remember always to stay in Christ. Your beloved, Timothy.

Closing the notepad, I smiled bitterly but my heart rejoiced within me. I remembered the words of the preacher last week Sunday, he said ‘Beloved of God, help someone to make heaven by lifting them up always in the Lord’. That was exactly what my father did, and I was proud.

As I stood to leave the room, the door opened and my sister stepped in. The one with the ‘I can’t talk a lot syndrome’

“Why are you here?” she asked, her eyes scanning the room.
“I was busy reading”
“Reading what?”she questioned.
“Hmmmm… You are asking a lot Rachel, that’s unlike you”
“But- I just feel like asking” she defended.
“Are you interested in reading something?” I asked sparking her interest.
“Something that has to do with Dad”

Her eyes widened in surprise “But-”

I smiled at her holding her by the shoulder as I guided her to the bare floor “You will love it”

Rachel said no words again when I handed over the notepad to her, she opened with interest. We all want to know something about our dad, to us he is a mystery we cannot solve except mum intervenes. That was my dad, his name fully as he is called always was: David Winfred Alexander.

Quite an odd name, isn’t it? But I his son,I’m also odd.

Alexander Great Emmanuel, my friends call me AGE.

To my dear readers, I know fully well the year is drawing to an end but a charge I give to you as we step into the new year… With your goals, resolutions and plans written down or thought within, I want you to add this to your everyday life… That in the new year and for the rest of your life as a Christian, you will LIFT UP THE FEEBLE HANDS around you. That you will offer words of encouragement, comfort, kindness, truth and joy in the new year.

By your habit, lifestyle, behavior and words… You will help someone to make HEAVEN and not hell. Remember we are called forth as light into the world, your every action counts and it is being recorded. As we approach the new year, let us be heaven conscious, holy inward and outward and faithfully serve God.

Alert: This is my last post for the year, so I want to say a big thank you to all my readers, I am only a small girl yet you take time to read what I write.. Thank you for your comments, encouragements and prayers. 2019 will be great for the land shall yield an increase for you and your family. THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH ME.

Let’s make heaven together, let’s live a holy life together and let’s lift the banner of God’s love high in our lives.

Daachiever Blog appreciates you,
Thank you for being there for me,
God bless you.
I wish you a Christ centered 2019 in Jesus name.
See you in the new year. AMEN


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