Let me share to you a testimony, a memory that comes flooding into my mind as I proceed into the new year.

I shouldn’t keep this great thing to myself, it is something magnificent and wonderful.

My testimony goes thus:

Praise the Lord,my name is Victory and first I thank God for the Salvation of my soul for grace saved me even when all I amounted to was a religious fanatics. I can remember, is it 2005 or 2006, not so sure; I became ill suddenly after my brother’s recovery of health and it was so serious that I vomited every night and barely ate. That fateful day in the home, the last thing I remembered was me lying on the longest sofa in the living room resting while my ears listened to the conversation going around my environment. My brothers were seated in the dining room munching garden egg and my mother was with them. Dad was out to his place of work and I was perhaps getting better to be able to laugh at jokes.


My brother, not sure if it was the eldest or the second one called me asking if I was interested in eating the fruit and I said nothing. He called again and I said nothing.

He rose up to check up if I heard him when he saw that…

I couldn’t only respond but also my eyes were shut to life. Breathing fine but far gone. He tapped me perhaps I was sleeping and then again and again until my mother rose up to the situation.

They sprinkled water on my face, but no response at all. It dawned on them that I had fainted right there in the living room.

We had only one car then and dad was out with it, my brothers ran to neighbors around for help in taking me to the nearest hospital, one of the neighbor was not at home, another had a problem with his car. Quickly, my dad was informed and he came rushing home from office.

Fast forward to the hospital, I was admitted and to surprise you… I had not only fainted but I was in coma. Yes, coma.

Coma for days, then a week or so

No response from me, I was far gone.

Okay, I had a dream in my comatose state that I was to be judged by God, and I knew I was a sinner so I braced myself to hear God send me to hell. I knew what hell was about and torment in the dreadful place. But oh I was a sinner and church works, being in the choir cannot save me.

I really can’t remember all but I heard pastors, leaders were praying for me not to die. I was on drips of water and blood at the same time. My grandmother holding vigils and fasting just so I would not die and come back again to them.

Then all I can remember again is me opening my eyes one blessed day, I don’t know the date or day but the first word I heard was my name “VICTORY”. Loved ones gathered calling my name, yes my name… They called it VICTORY. I said not a word for I was weak. That moment I fell in love with my name for I was indeed victorious.

The first battle was won…

The second was that I was partially paralyzed. Well, it’s bound to happen for I had been lying on the bed for days. I ate through pipe, urinated and pass faeces through pipes attached to my body. It was painful, trust me but I survived.

Days after I was recovering, the doctors and nurses were nice and soon life begins to return to me. The day I could stand up from the bed, I fell down because I was weak and I couldn’t move my hands nor legs. I had to be taught how to walk and move my hands like a small child.

Step by step, I began to walk again.

And let me add this, the main reason I don’t really like boiled egg is because I was asked to consume 2 crates of eggs and 6 crates of malt by the doctors. See enjoyment, it was a normal routine for me. 2 eggs every day and a malt. I needed more blood in my body.

Getting discharged from the hospital, my first arrival at home after a brief rest. I was still learning how to walk so I leaned as I walked, I asked my dad if I can go play? Daddy chased me back,no mind me at all.. Lying on the bed for days had its effect on me.

This is the one of the greatest testimony in my life. I was in a prayer vigil one night and while we praised God,I found myself looking at the stars with tears in my eyes. I looked at the congregation of people surrounding me praising God and I said “I wouldn’t be here now if I had died some years ago. These people will not even know me, even if they did, they will hear about me briefly from church members close to my parents”.

I will only be in the memories of my family and all people will say is “That family had a girl, she was the last born and only daughter but she died so so year ago”.

Brethren, it dawned on me how great a privilege it is for me to be alive… I began to cry, I knelt down and I blessed God. I live just by grace.

Knowing me today, getting to read my stories or even speak to me would not be possible if I had died few years back.

I should have made this post December 31st but I held back because in year 2019, I want to begin the year with praise. A year where each day I will praise God for the same thing and that’s that I’m alive.

To you, this testimony might be little but to me it is great. This year, no matter the goals you have, the plans you’ve made and even the obstacles you’ll face, I want you to live a life of praise. Just praise God every blessed day for what he has done, what he will do and what he’s still doing.

Live a life of praise in year 2019.

Well, I should have shared this testimony in church but I have a platform I can share it and this is my testimony.

To Dad and Mum, my brothers, my grandma, families and friends who ran, prayed, watched and even fasted for me to be alive today. I want to thank you very much, for all you did for me years back. Thank you for being there, thank you for calling me by name. I’m called VICTORY not VICTORIA. There’s a reason I love my name Victory and not Victoria and this is it.

Victory simply means to CONQUER.

In year 2019, I will conquer
I will live and
I will show forth the praise of my God.

I live only by Grace.
I live because God called me out of death into life,
I live to live a life of praise.

Officially I wish you all my loved ones, friends, readers, likers, commentors, sharers a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Remember in this year, LIVE A LIFE OF PRAISE.

Stay tuned to my website for something awemazing.
Psalm 119:1-176 is the hint.

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