The quartet conversation: God's undiluted word I sat on the white plastic chair with my left hand fully holding my chin, I didn’t have beard yet but I was fond of always stroking my chin. My gaze intent at the sister standing in front of the populace. She had a smile on her face and I caught myself ceaselessly staring at her, she had charisma and a charming way of carrying the audience along.

As the congregation clapped at her every valuable word, my hands were clasped together and the glasses on my face stood firm. I called my friend for a brief man to man talk, I do that all the time when I’m confused. Listen to our conversation:

Friend: Jeremy, how are you doing today?
Me: You know fully well, I’m not so wonderful
Friend: (worried laced tone) Why?
Me: Well, I don’t know how to present it. You should know what is wrong
Friend: (Brief silence, then..) Jeremy, I know but you tell me in your own words.
Me: Okay, you know I’m right here seated in this conference staring at that sister discharging and oozing anointed words. What about me? Can’t I just be like this sister?
Friend: Jeremy, you can’t be her
Friend: You’re meant to be unique, you see you’re not my only friend, I have several others who come with many requests but each one as they come have been giving something to stand out from another.
Me: Permit me to be jealous? You shouldn’t have other friends aside from me?
Friend: (he laughed)
Me: When you laughed now, the words be true that says out of the belly shall flow rivers of living water. I’m joyful within
Friend: Great, that’s how it should be.
Me: Since you want me to be unique, I will be but I still admire the fire and grace upon that sister. Can’t I have it?
Friend 2: Hey Jeremy
Me: Hah, Father you’re here also
Friend 2: Yes, I came just a while ago; my attention was called to your question
Me:Father, do you have an answer?
Friend 2: Of course I do, I always do
Me: (Joyfully smiled)
Friend 2: To be like that sister is like jumping a high rope without learning the techniques involved to avoid falling. You still have a long way to go before you can be like her.
Me: But you say if we ask anything in your name, you’ll freely give. I’m asking for her type of grace and fire, can’t you give me?
Friend 2: You’re right with that quotation but if I give you the same measure of her grace, you won’t appreciate it, you’ll abuse it.
Me: Then what should I do to be like her?
Friend 2: Don’t be like her, be yourself Jeremy. You’re made to be unique.
Me: Now I understand, what do I need to do?
Friend: That’s the determined Jeremy I know, the unique one
Me: (Smiled) I want to blush hard
Friend: A man doesn’t blush, blushing is for ladies.
Me: You’re right, that’s not my thing
Friend: Getting to the level of that sister, my beloved daughter comes with a price
Me: What price?
Friend: You must make a decision within you to go through the process of your becoming. It isn’t easy but grace is sufficient
Me: I fully decide
Friend: As you go through the process and pay the needed price, you must learn how to be unique in your own way.
Friend: She is Mary, you’re Jeremy. There’s a vast difference in your personality and way of living.
Friend 2: Go through the process Jeremy, you’ve a long way to go but you’ll get there. Remember, my grace is sufficient for all.
Me: I have a long way lord, teach me on how to go through the process and be unique in my own way
Friend 3: That’s a wonderful request there
Me: Son, I never knew you were there all along
Friend 3: Jeremy, have you forgotten we are one?
Me: (I giggled like a baby) I just love the entirety of you all.
Friend: You’re much loved Jeremy, now listen to the preaching of one of my friends. You’ll be blessed.
Me: I will surely do, just stay around
Friend 1,2,3: (chorused) We are with you always

I smiled then turned to look at the brother besides me who was busy pressing his phone, I tapped him and frowned. He was quick to understand my reaction, he tucked in his phone and faced the preacher. If only the brother beside me knows the essence and beauty in God’s undiluted word.

I smiled again, when I mumbled

‘It is a process, and soon he’ll outgrow that stage’

With my Bible opened on my laps, I listened to Mary Vamou preach the word of God.

It is a process lord and I am willing to go through it and learn.

{2 Peter 2:18}


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