Beatrice felt an unusual need to undergo a session of uninterrupted rest for it tells on her facial look that she was greatly stressed up. She paused for a while as she lumbered to her apartment, a self contain room located in the campus.

She concluded rest was far away from her as her mind wandered on the preceding event of the day. After 9 in the evening that Tuesday, Beatrice stepped into her room and slumped on the bed, her eyes staring intently at the ceiling as though she was seeing the white painting asbestos for the first time.

A quick recall of the day flashed into her mind, she left her home early and from there she went straight to the lecture Hall, spent some quality time in the library and then she dashed off to the house of the woman whose twelve year old daughter was her student.

Her last drop for the hectic day was at the campus church for the Bible study. Bro Daniel ,the Bible study coordinator’s voice came flooding into her mind, she closed her eyes briefly picturing his carriage and boldness on the altar.

His words “Your relationship with God is not entirely about you, no it can not be totally about you. You are connected to God as well as people are connected to you. Whatever you are connected to; flows through you to those people and issues consciously or unconsciously, both spiritually and otherwise is also interwoven. Whatever your source is, your loved ones and people around you partake from it”

She reached out for her sermon note where she had jot down the message, she flipped through the Bible to the main text in the messages and in no time she found it. John15:1-7. In her red lettered bible, she had specifically marked out Verse4.

“Abide in me and I in you, as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me”

She remembered the illustration the teacher had given. We, as the branches are supposed to bear fruit(s) but no we cannot bear the fruit ourselves if we don’t abide. We get our own nourishment from the root of the tree we are connected to and as long as we are, we’ll grow, develop, flourish and bear fruit but otherwise we’ll dry up and ………..he went on and on referring to verse 6 of the Bible text.
She also remembered him referring to Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works…….He went on and on capturing all of her attention for every moment she sat under the study.

Her attendance at that Bible study that evening was initially to ” fulfill all righteousness ” knowing she could not bear the thought of staying at home while the study was going on; also she didn’t want to have to explain to anyone, which includes the fellowship Coordinator, her reason for not coming.

She could have come up with excuses, understandable ones too or convince herself she couldn’t have made it to the study but no, she refused to. The thought of how God still manages to speak to her and draw her close to him even with her nonchalant and reluctant attitude to his words made her heart heavy.

It has been a long time since she had her personal Bible study and devotion, her midnight prayer room has become dry and even though she still manages to keep herself from “physical sins” like stealing, lying and so on her heart had been severely dominated by hard feelings like anger, bitterness, impure thoughts.

A part of her is still heavy with guilt but she sees herself too weak to stop her weaknesses from taking a great toll on her. She knows she was wrong but somehow the thought of the fact that ” no one around really knows ” keeps her righteousness on the outside even though she’s dying on the inside.

But the message from the Bible study made her clearly see that even though no one knows the battle going on in her mind, like Bro Daniel said, God knows and the devil knows too; the devil will always use it to penetrate her life and those around her which means affecting those around her consciously or unconsciously both spiritually and physically

She remembered all of the bad news she had been receiving of recent since she noticed her lost connection with God, experiences of sickness in her friend and failure of exams from her sister amongst others. She related them to the fact that she had lost her connection to the Source and then to “her fruits ” through her walk with God and intercession.

The thought made her weak as his voice came again
“Even if you’re so self sufficient that you don’t need God to help you, think about how the survival of those connected to you depends solely on your connection to God, how their lives depend on you, to those looking up to you, and stay connected to God. You were called to be an intercessor through prayer and your righteous living, so stay connected to God as those around you are connected to you.

She felt her hands damp, she realised she had been crying and was already on her knees. She wept the more and opened her mouth, not sure of what to say,
“Lord, Have Mercy; I’ve been away connect me back to you. When I get weary along the way remind me my strength comes from you. When I want to stop living right and praying; remind me of the lives connected to me and keep me on track. When I want to turn away, turn me back, remind me my life is not all about me, but about You, your image and others too..”

And there she prayed for a renewed grace to live a right life with God.

This beautiful story was written by PRECIOUS NKECHI.  You can add her up on facebook using her name above.  I hope you enjoy reading.

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