Stolen waters are sweet

Stolen waters are sweet….

As I stood before the mammoth crowd with my eyes fixated  on the concrete floor staring hard at it hoping the ground will open up just as in the Bible and swallow me up.

I heard the footsteps of the preacher and I was forced to look up at him. He was a baldy and the glasses on his face rested on the tip of his nose. His big old Bible was tucked in between his right arm and a fountain pen on his hairless hand.

Why didn’t God bless this man with hair? I wondered within and found myself grinning. Deafening silence filled the room as the preacher mounted the pulpit, he placed his Bible gently on the glassy pulpit. He scanned the room with his all searching eyes and then he looked at me and smiled.

Gosh, why was he giving me a smile? He turned his eyes away from me as he opened the Bible.

“Let us pray” his deep baritone voice echoed through the wireless microphone attached to his white shirt. The congregation obeyed and I did also with my mind away from the words of the short prayer.

“Amen” the whole church chorused

“My brother” he called referring to me.
“Yes sir”
“Please come up, and stand beside me”
Running my hand into my hair, I obeyed with my heart pounding.

I was doomed and I knew it. Climbing up the stage, I was directed to stand by him.

“That’s OK, stay right here beside me”

“Good” he continued resting his right hand on my shoulder.

“Today, we are going to be practical in our study this morning. My brother here is standing beside me because I wanted him to, right?”

The congregation affirmed positively

The preacher then took a few steps away from me and said “Now, I am far away from him but I am sure he can hear me speak even without the microphone or can’t you my brother?”

“I can sir” I answered, my mind wandered as to why the head of my unit demanded I stood in front of the congregation this morning. I had my head down when the preacher called me to look at him.

“Church, watch this demonstration and learn” he said patiently smiling.

“I am a foolish woman” he shouted loud causing my heart to skip. The whole congregation stared at him expectant of his next word.

“I need two more brothers to step on the stage” and in few minutes, the brothers stood beside him.

“Now, brothers; go and stand behind my brother and then the three of you should start walking in circles”

We obeyed.

“I am a foolish woman and I am calling out to my brothers that I am a fool; won’t I catch their attention?”

Someone among the congregation spoke “Of course you will sir because your statement is powerful and catchy to them”

“God bless you my brother”

“Watch me closely, my brothers are going their own ways and I am shouting loud that I am a fool. Someone among them who is simple will go his way and care for nothing about my words but a man who wants understanding will come to me”

” Congregation, just imagine me being a woman with my lips painted red and dressed in black overall. Behind me is a a pit and my posture clearly hides the pit. One of the brothers then came to me in search of understanding about my words. I smiled at him and said… ” the preacher motioned us all to go and have our seats. He then walked back to the pulpit as he read the Bible.

“See what the foolish woman said to the intrigued brother in Proverbs 9:17 “Stolen waters are sweet; and bread eaten in secret is pleasant”

“My brother seems confused, then the foolish woman then says ‘Should I explain more to you?'”

“She then holds his hand as she walked him to the deep pit, one which my brother is blind to see for his thirst of understanding”

“What did the Bible say in verse 18 church?”

They all chorused

“But he knoweth not that the dead are there, and that her guests are in the depths of hell.”

“Now, that’s what happens when temptation comes knocking. It screams at us so loud in our ears and we just want to know more about that thing calling our attention, that drive to commit fornication, that tendency of not being content until you steal, that tendency to try what killing someone is like, that tendency to do that which appeases to you.”

“That tendency calls us loud, with a loud voice and because we want understanding or so we thought, we turn to the voice. You’re like ‘What is this voice saying? What does it have to teach me?’ and slowly slowly you yield to it and then…” he paused tapping his fingers on the pulpit

“We know not that the tendency has lead others to death and many to the place of no return. Church, don’t be so inquisitive to try what sin looks like. Stolen waters is sweet, in Proverbs 20:17, the psalmist said “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel”

“Sin is just like bread of deceit, it will look beautiful, appealing but when the dead is done… You’re filled with disgust. The sin committed in secret is sweet , no one knows about it but the aftermath is not pleasing at all. ”

“Finally church, if thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thyself… That tendency can be appealing to you but know ye not that it leadeth to the way of death. A foolish woman cries out, a man who wants to know the cause of her cry goes to meet her and yet the man knows not that she has lead many to death”

“I pray God will help us all to be wise”

“Amen” the whole church chorused.

I stared at that verse of the Bible for weeks until the words of the preacher sank in. I soon understood that it is the voice of foolishness that calls one to sin. Sin isn’t imposed, it only happens when one yield to the foolish call that leads to death.


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