There’s a way it is done… Slowly, gradually, gently and yet smoothly.

Just take a step, your shoulders high, a contagious smile intact on your face, your sword in your hand, tailored suit and a nice set of shoes.

Oh, never forget your blue shirt with a vintage club collar fitted with a black tie, avoid it being long. That’s quite old fashioned.

There’s a way you play the game.

Remember, slowly and gradually

There’s a way around the game.

The game of grace.

Yes, grace that abounds towards us all. It is a game to me and I will tell you how it is done.

Backsliding is sweet, so I thought.

Rising and falling was calming for it gave me the rare privilege of sinning and then returning back to God for mercy. He is a merciful God, so he forgives quickly.

But, both rubbed me of enjoying peace and I knew my mother was ceaselessly praying for me.

Dad wasn’t left out, he was praying I return back to Calvary where I once laid it down.

Their prayers must have been answered for one faithful night, I was returning from a workout in the gym with my friends. On our way in my car, we were attacked by a group of hoodlums and their guns pointed on our foreheads. I shivered but in my moment of panicking, I remembered that the bible said the Lord can deliver us from trouble.

I didn’t remember what I said but I mumbled my words and my two friends joined. We all were born into Christianity, attended the same church but lived the same life. Salvation to us was farfetched and a veil that deprived us of true enjoyment.

The single word the hoodlums heard was ‘Jesus’.

We all chorused the name remembering the teaching of our Sunday school teacher while we were kids, who taught us about the potent power in the name of Jesus to save anyone from trouble, we kept calling the name with our eyes shut.

Ask me again for the umpteenth time, I can’t remember all that happened that night. All I knew was, we came out alive.

Returning home that night, I went into my room and with my knees on the tiled floor, I cried to God. The words in the book I read was true, it says ‘At times you need an experience to believe what you fight so hard against’ I guess that night, I had an encounter.

For the first time in my twenty three years, I felt renewed. I didn’t want to go back anyone, I avoided sin like a plague and I did my possible best to stay in the fold of Christ.

But something was lacking in me

Mama said to me one day ‘I’m glad you’re back to the fold son but you need more than your physical effort to finish the race set before you. You need another encounter. I call it the power of the grace game’

Game? I wondered and she smiled at me

‘That’s my way of understanding it son, you have to understand it on a personal level. You need a personal encounter with grace’

Days rolled into weeks, I thought about her words but soon forgot it all. I noticed some months after my first encounter, I went back into sin. This time effortlessly and with no plan of returning back.

Tales and tales.. Let me not bore you

Christianity was boring.

My plan; when you’re in trouble call on God after all he is merciful to all. Stay with God for some time then later digress back to enjoying yourself. It is just like being in between.

It was easy going back and forth, and it was so easy because mercy was always prevailing for me and I was rest assured my parents were praying for me.

One day, one day.. I will get serious with this Christ of a thing.

One day.. But for now… I just want to go back and forth whenever it pleases me.

This thing called grace is always available, it will wait for me and I am sure one day I will return to live that same holy life my parents lived.

I clocked thirty five today and I’m still struggling with my life, I have achieved quite a lot, married to the best woman and having three kids but I feel empty.

As I stood by the porch staring into the sky, I remembered my father’s word.

“John, maybe one day you’ll realize that your toil over the years isn’t worth it. You’ll know that we your parents cry everyday for you because the Lord pleadingly calls you but because you think it isn’t time yet… Your reply has always been” he paused

“You saying, Lord ‘All of me but none of thee’. John, one day you’ll get to know time is always there but you won’t be always around. My prayers over your life one day will be answered but I’m worried; just perhaps if you have exhausted the mercy of God over your life”

As I take you through the story of my life, I will explain it in four ways… It is a game of grace, It is a gradual process and I was simply at the mercy of God when I realized the Lord pleading with me and I proudly answering “Lord, all of myself but none of thee”.

Well, God left me to myself but…


Written by Kudabo Victory

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