Probably a decoy

Title: Probably a Decoy

As he scratched the surface of the wooden door with a stainless spoon in his hands, his mother stared at him intently worried about the state of his mind. He was only a boy, but soon he will be 15 years old.

“Bidemi” she called out lumbering towards his erect position against the door.
He spoke no word as though he heard her not, briefly he looked at her, smiled sheepishly and return to the scratch.

“But- you’ll hurt yourself with the spoon Bidemi” she told him hoping he will reason with him, but can he? She thought letting out a soft sigh.

He continued- scratching paying no attention to her words. With a disappointed face, she walked back to the kitchen where her phone rested on one of the cabinets.

With a dial, she called

“Doctor, when will my son be alright? It hurts everyday to see him just the way he is. There has been no changes” she spoke rather loudly but was careful just in case her son was listening.

“Mrs Korofa, give Bidemi time” the soft voice resounded

“Time? Till when? He wasn’t like this thirteen years ago. It will be two years tomorrow that my son will be in this troubling condition. Until when? Until when will the time be okay for him to be truly okay?”

“Kemi… You’re much friend and I’m being truthful, you either give your son the time to heal and come out from his coven or you pray. There are billions of choices left for you but I will advise you to give it time”

“Time… Time” she repeated staring at the gas cooker in front of her, with a free hand rested on her forehead she sighed

“Tell me doctor, is he going to be okay? As a true friend, tell me; will Bidemi be okay?”

There was a momentary pause from the receiving end that she became worried

“He is going through a tough time friend and he can only heal when he does absurd things”

“Are you saying he can be mentally disabled?”

“No Kemi, your child has gone through a lot ever since his return from the kidnappers den. Only GOD knows what he faced. He is mentally stable, for now I think he need his time alone”

“Hah.. God.. I’m becoming worried, he never mentioned for once what happened to him two years ago. He never said a word since. I’m worried, really worried”

“As long as he is feeding well, he will be okay. You just have to give him time and never stop praying”

“Oh- I never for once stopped praying. Never friend” she replied wiping her eyes

“Then, let your faith kick into action. Your son will be better” her doctor friend spoke putting an end to the call.

Kemi walked back to the living room, her body against the wall she clenched her fingers tight afraid not to burst into loud tears. It has been a long time here son called her mother, she had lost a lot three years ago.

Her husband and also her son

Until when will time heal her son and probably her also? Until when will the pain of her heart disappear? Until when will time stop the game of decoy on her so she can begin to love her son again? Just when? She thought as the tears flowed freely.


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