In the garden. What happened?


Title: What Happened in the Garden

Something happened some decades ago in the beautiful city called Garden. My brothers spoke with displeasure on how things suddenly became sour with the arrival of the  king’s wife. She is the city’s doomsday, my first brother said. Another said the king’s wife had a mission, one that is to solely destroy the beauty of the land. I turned to my parents, what did they have to say? Mama kept on hissing, papa said nothing.

  As the thick night rolls into mid day, I sat thinking on the shaky wooden chair rested against the wall. What happened to the city called Garden? I thought within when my mama stepped into my room holding a broom in her hand. She stared at me quite surprised I was still not asleep.

  “Do you still think of the city?” she asked and I nodded affirmatively. Mama let out a loud sigh, she knows just how rusty I can be when I seek for answers and I don’t find one. She sat on the bed beside the old chair I was seated on, and rubbed her hands together.

  “Labake, don’t seek for truth that won’t do you any good” she started off pausing before picking her next words “The beautiful city of garden has a long untraceable history to the ancient days where the land was peaceful and without war. The first king and ruler of the town had a wife, one people said he calls her the bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh”.

  Bone of his bones; flesh of his flesh. Those words sounds familiar, I was about to speak when she continued

  “I heard that the words of the first king guides our vows during marriage. He promised his wife to cleave to her and become one flesh, it is the tradition guiding marriage, and I said the same to your father” a small curve surrounded her mouth as she said the last words.
I smiled knowing fully well what her smile meant.  Papa was everything to mama and they both cherish each other.

   “In the early days of the city called Garden, the wife of the king was fair to look on, a lover of nature and the king’s heartbeat but in the story passed down, it was said both the king and his wife lived in the garden naked yet knowing no shame” she picked up the broom to kill a cockroach running around the wall. I like to think the cockroach was enjoying mama’s story.

  “The king had the ability to name any creature, giving it any suitable name he deems fit, one day in the garden a mighty lord visited the garden with a commandment. They say he was the Lord of the universe, the creator of all things including the king and his wife. This lord commanded them both to live as free as they want but of one tree must they not eat its fruit. The tree in the midst of the garden.”

  Beautiful stories keep the heart beating, so was the nature of my heart as mama spoke. And I listened with my hand rested on my chin for maximum attention.

  She continued “Subtilty is in the nature of the snake, that’s one of the ancient saying of the city.  Those words were carved out from the story of the ancient time about the city. The snake, one of the mighty Lord’s creation visited the garden on a mission to disrupt its peace. The king’s wife, busy as a bee was kept busy in a conversation by the snake who inquired about the Lord’s commandment, one that includes the forbidden tree”

“Quick to speak is a danger to the soul as secrets are being let out and revealed without one knowing, my mother said that to me when I was about marrying your father. The king’s wife was guilty of my mama’s saying; she spoke of the tree in the midst of the garden. The forbidden tree. As subtle as the serpent could be, he deceived the woman with his words”

“Are you listening my dear?”
“Of course mama, I’m absolutely listening if there’s a word like that”

Mama smiled “The king’s wife beguiled by the sweet words of the serpent saw the tree in the midst of the garden as good and; beloved by her husband, the king; she gave him to eat when something happened”


Sudden black out

“Oooh… Oooh… What is wrong with this our country sef? Ordinary film someone cannot enjoy in peace… Haha, David give me phone let me call them Nepa. It looks like something is wrong with them” Seun lamented obviously disappointed with the turn out of things

  “Seun, looks like our house is the only one in total blackout. Our neighbors get light oh”

“Eh.. Oooh… Nepa have started again with their stupid on and off… I tire oh,  is there fuel in the generator? I want to finish this movie”

“Ermm.. Ermm..” David stuttered

“Don’t tell me you put on the generator when I was not at home?” he asked brightening the room with  the desk lamb rested on the table

  “Haha… I did… I didn’t now” his replied nervously

“You obviously did. Say the truth?”

“But wait sef, this film you dey watch, is it not inside the Bible? You know the ending now. Abeg, go do another thing”

“By the way, is it your watch? Let me watch what I want. Oya, go and produce my fuel now now. I must finish the film tonight if you no want wahala”

“Egbon now… Do elder brother for me… That your fuel, na football I take use am watch. The Nigeria match wey I tell you who won. It was useful for you and me”

  “David! David!! David!!! How many times I take call you?  Three times, now go and buy me my fuel. Three litres, nothing less than that” he ordered

With dragging feets, David walked out to pick up the jerrican outside the home. Whatever happened to his brother about that film wasn’t normal. To him,  there was nothing special about the film just the free flow of languages between the actors. As he was about stopping a bike man, he suddenly remembered when he ran back inside.

  “Brotherly… Brotherly..” he called out.

In a simple way told, this is the story of the garden of Eden and the events surrounding the garden as told in the Bible. The Tree termed forbidden gave birth to the world we are in, if the law had not being violated, perhaps we will all be in the garden.

  Yet though the consumption of the fruit brought both evil and good to the world we live in, I as a person loves to dwell more on the good it has brought. Let’s stop blaming Eve for eating the fruit, but as weird as it might be let’s thank her for giving us this opportunity of experiencing a whole lot of things that sums up living. The forbidden fruit in a way gave us a chance of another life. For that I think it is best to be grateful because all things to me works together for good. You’re free to have your own opinion though.


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