3 things I learnt from messing UP… Big time

Let’s clarify some things before I proceed; the title of this blog post is a …. diversion, or would you say it is not?

The #14daysqoutechallenge was to end today, or it should have ended today but … I messed things up by not being faithful,  well; I didn’t actually wake up on a day during the challenge to say ‘Victory, let’s mess things up, intentionally do it and just be out of this bullshit you call quote challenge, after all, quotes tend to be boring; do you actually believe that?’. I didn’t wake up one day with that thought, but I messed up, with a whole lot of things actually, and this quote challenge was one of it but… I did learn some lessons I thought it wise to share with you but before that; I owe you all an APOLOGY for not being faithful. Yeah, I know it’s my blog and I am the boss😉😉,  some might wonder why do I need to apologise but the truth is somehow I felt the need to, so here’s me apologising for been away on this quote challenge without a proper notice… I AM SORRY 😭😭😭😭

Now, I hope I’m forgiven…


3 things I learnt from messing
  1. Always, mean whatsoever you say; every word matters when you make a promise: I was so eager to begin the challenge to keep tabs at my lazy writing habits for some months now. I hurriedly made the announcement on the blog and my google post (by the way I’m on Google, so you can check me out and drop your reviews). I soon forgot of the busy weeks ahead of me in which the 14daysquotechallenge happens to fall in.
  2. Never, and I mean never stop at going an extra mile but… you got to know when to stop or take a break: The weeks of the quote challenge was so busy I couldn’t stop complaining, but I sat down to ponder some days ago that I could have gone an extra mile during the working week. The truth was that my activities during those weeks are not the 24 hours non-stop work that I couldn’t take a few hours to post something for each day.
  3. Always plan ahead of time, it saves you the energy you might not find available when you need it: I thought of it, had I planned ahead of time on the quotes for each day, the timing to post each of them on my various social platforms, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. I learnt my lesson on this.

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There you have it above, 3 things I learnt from messing up; well, I did put up some beautiful quotes and they are attached to this post below:


Once again, I apologise for messing up the 14daysquotechallenge. .. I won’t do that again… so, can we still be friends?😎😎😎

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Till we meet again, stay loved…

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