5 Strong Indicators of Spiritual Growth

5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

What is Spiritual Growth? If you can’t overcome a problem, manage it; that’s what Robert Schuller said in his book. But, how does one handle the feeling of wanting to be a boy and not a girl? I have struggled with this for many years; I always wanted to be a boy. My friends. 80% […]


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Enoch Movie Review: A Mount Zion Film Production

Enoch movie review

Enoch, the biopic film of Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Also reverenced as a gate in the body of Christ across the largest country in West Africa, the much-anticipated movie was released on the 2nd of March 2023, which also happened to be the 81st birthday of Pastor E.A Adeboye (as he is popularly called).

The Believer and the food we consume

The believer and their food

Food is a gift from God. Most times, when the scripture talks about food, it is not always about physical food, there is a place for spiritual food, which is very important for healthy living. Every food we eat, be it fruits, meat, vegetables, or even grains is provided by God. In this article, we […]

Should a Christian watch TV? The Biblical opinion

Should a christian watch TV

Have you ever wondered if you would go to hell because of your vital TV addiction signs, or aren’t sure if music is a sin or not? If you are in a dilemma about what the Bible says about entertainment, grab your Bible, kiss it, and follow me to discover hidden secrets that will leave you with a sense of lasting peace.

Search for Significance by Robert McGee Book Review

The Search for Significance

Some of us are perfectionists, we see nothing wrong in compulsion which later leads to despair which we see as a reflection of our worthlessness, we feel we need to meet certain standards to feel good about ourselves. God’s answer to this is justification.

Why Personal Christian Conviction Matters

Why Personal Christian Conviction matters

As you walk the Christian faith, build your conviction on God and his Words. If you do not build firmly on them, when life throws pressure on you, compromise would come as the best option.

What are the Signs of a backsliding Christian?

What are the signs of a backsliding Christian

Backsliding generally means to regress; slip backward from a state of excellence to a worse state but in today’s context; it is simply falling away from the Lord and His will, taking a chill pill from the place of assignment and subtly breaking off the relationship one once had with Jesus, unintentionally or through neglect.

How do I define my Faith as a Christian

How do I define my faith as a Christian

And as Christians, one question that never fails to appear on the surface of our minds, is the question of our Faith. With all the ideologies, misconceptions, beliefs, religions and doctrines prostituted in this present generation, it is becoming increasingly important for we as Christians to define our Faith.