About Us

We founded Daachiever Inc. to contribute to the Christian community at large, and so far it has been an awesome ride

Founded in 2015

Everyone has got a story; so do we; and we love to tell those who come our way. Daachiever Inc. was founded on biblical principles; and we are nothing without the grace of God

We are a global Brand for Christ; and we tell our stories through articles, interviews, podcasts and lots more.

What are our core values?

All our stories are coined from timeless and valuable lessons in the Bible. We aim for your balanced spiritual growth through stories

We believe a Christian should be balanced in every areas of their life; that’s why we share inspiring stories, and life tips for your moral soundness


We support creative ideas; and we know everyone has got a dream. That’s why we encourage guest blogging from writers all over the world

We also connect you with Christian Authors

The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours.

Piper John

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The Bible, it binds us all

We are committed to sharing the truth of God’s word with you; and it is more thrilling if you can be part of our journey

Readers Review

Our readers over the years have something to say about our work, books  and stories.

Oloyede Mary review on Daachiever Blog


"Your articles have blessed me in many ways dear, you are a blessing to the world.. keep inspiring us.. what more can I say? You're just amazing.. keep it up, your best days are yet to come"

Testimonial : Ogunleye Temidayo's review on Daachiever's Blog


"I read one of your post on a facebook group, it touched me in numerous ways that I can't seem to forget.You inspire me greatly”

Testimonial : Rita Depiriye review on Daachiever Blog


"I always love to read stories written by you. Whenever a book is published; I am always eager to grab a copy to read.Your articles are top-notch"