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I love a particular verse in the scriptures where Jesus asked his disciples one cogent question that stirred up their minds to have varying opinions but only one among them got it right. Jesus simply asked “Who do you say I am?”.

Well, I throw wide open the floor to various readers reading this currently the question above, who do you think I am? you may be wrong or right but here are few things I think you should know about me:

  • I have a certificate I’m so proud of, and that certificate is one that can take me far in life. Really, I’m proud to have one and that is the certificate of my salvation. I’m a crowned princess in the heavenly.
  • Aside from writing, few out of many things I enjoy doing are listening to music with plugged earpiece, blogging and active designing of things, surfing on the net and reading books.
  • I love being creative and simplicity thus I designed my website to suit my desire and I must confess, I like it. Do you want something like this? Then don’t hesitate to hit the contact button page down and I will reply.

Having said just a few things about me, I leave you to have your opinionated view about me;but remember I love growth and development so you just might be wrong about me, all you need to do is ask.

I leave you with one of my favorite bible verse which says, ” ye are the light of the world…” I am a light but I don’t know about you… can you promise me to be a light in this world? because seriously there is enough darkness in this world already to have yours in the clique.

BE A LIGHT… I do hope you enjoy your time surfing through this website,

Your HOST,


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