Always a Child


Running yet panting,
Running yet fainting,
Slowly I try to find,
The strength to carry on in life.

Bought by his blood,
Saved by his grace,
Redeemed by his love,
Yet I feel weak and weary

Tried to be strong,
Tried to be brave,
Am not a child?
So why should I be treated like one?

He said his arms are wide open,
He said his love is still great,
I know, yes I know,
But can’t I for once be a man and fight?

I have grown in Christ,
I know all that is to know,
But yet my strength couldn’t go on,
I am slowly fading away

He called me with love,
While on the weary journey,
He told me it’s alright,
Yet, I wanted to go on with my strength.

I am a man,
My strength are enough to fight,
I defeated the enemy of God’s children,
My strength is greater than any other.

So why then am I feeling weak?
Why then am I losing strength to carry on?
But he loved me,
His caring eyes drew me in.

Child, you are precious to me
I am a caring saviour,
Your strength aren’t enough,
Hold my hands.

No matter how strong you are,
No matter how old you are,
No matter how talented and spiritual you may be.
No matter what you posses.

You will always be a child to me,
a beloved child,
I am your father,
You are my child.

Those words calmed me,
My strength returned,
I can run the race till the end,
Because no matter what I claim to have,
I am still a child in God’s eye and,
He cares for me.


Dear reader, no matter what you do , how strong you think you are, how fervent and spiritual you are… To God, you are always a child and he definitely cares for you… we are all Children in God’s eye.

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