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The Global Brand for Christ, reaching the world with the saving and full gospel of Christ. Imperfect being made perfect in the savior. For without Christ, we are all nothing
Unworthy but say the Word- A story according to the Centurion Soldier's faith

Unworthy but Say the Word: The Faith of the Centurion’s Soldier

The Centurion had the greatest faith ever recorded in the Bible. This story has been written to address the new generation Christians that often speaks the word of the Centurion; Unworthy but say the Word. Just like the Centurion, how can we apply the Centurion's faith in all situations of Life?
5 Indicators of Spiritual Growth

5 Strong Indicators of Spiritual Growth

What is Spiritual Growth? If you can’t overcome a problem, manage it; that’s what Robert Schuller said in his book. But, how does one handle the feeling of wanting to be a boy and not a girl? I have struggled…
How to talk about Jesus unashamed

How to talk about Jesus Unashamed

I have to ask myself this also, can I talk about Jesus in my business unashamed? Or will I hide the fact that I am a child of God because I want to make money, new friends, and all? Can…

The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 8

Did Hosea die after the gunshot? Mothers and their sixth sense; Hosea's mother had a dream and she couldn't stop praying for her son. The soldiers found Hosea's cloth but not him? What happened to him ?
What attracts you to an individual as a Christian

10 amazing ways to attract people as a Christian

We all have preferences on who becomes our friend. If someone will attract us; there are some things we are on the lookout for; but the big question is; how can we as Christians, attract people, and live differently?