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Emmanuel Bassey

What are the signs of a backsliding Christian

What are the Signs of a backsliding Christian?

Backsliding generally means to regress; slip backward from a state of excellence to a worse state but in today’s context; it is simply falling away from the Lord and His will, taking a chill pill from the place of assignment and subtly breaking off the relationship one once had with Jesus, unintentionally or through neglect.

WHO ARE YOU 2: Your Identity in Christ

We have been structured in the most magnificent way which enables us to maintain fellowship with our Father and to interact with our physical surrounding. Read through to discover how.

Who are you? A question to be answered

It is not in man to direct his own steps and find his identity, our creator has supplied us with a manual to reveal our identity to us, instruct us on how to live here on earth and how to prepare for eternity with Him in Heaven. (2 Timothy 3.16, 17).