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Ifeoluwa Ajao

A poem on the Lord's day and Believer's readiness

The Lord’s day- A poem by Ifeoluwa Ajao

THE LORD’S DAY Ripple upon ripple Wave upon wave Layers renewed as they– Seem folding up on the surface. The flow of rivers The whistling of breeze; Each moving in channels– Not made by man, They are without hindrance. Read: WHEN…
A poem on tough times and how to come out stronger

A poem for tough times by Ifeoluwa Ajao

TOUGH TIMES The night is cold and dark, The moon refused to shine, Neither the stars give their glistening twinkles. Birds are gone to their nests, Flowers closed up their petals   And the breeze silently — Whistling as it…

I was Rescued- A poem by Ifeoluwa Ajao

In this blog post by Guest writers, IFEOLUWA AJAO tells us a descriptive story of what it means to be rescued and how God's saving grace remains available for us all.