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Onifade Joy Olaronke is a writer, copywriter, a content creator and a transformational speaker. She is a passionate lover of God, known for her many write-ups that instill faith and the love of God in people. She impacts her world through writing.
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I’m Falling! Please, Help Me.

Allow God to carry your burden. Let go and let Him help. You don't need to die struggling to do things on your own when others can help. Asking for help when you can't help yourself doesn't make you weak or less but instead, show your strength to get better.

How to overcome the scar caused by fear

On a particular day, when I was much younger. My mum sent me to deliver something to our landlady in the same compound we lived in, in the night. I was afraid because my parents never allow my siblings, and…

It may not look like it; but it actually is

One afternoon while leaving my PPA(Place of primary assignment), I stopped a bike man asking for a ride to the secretariat office around the town, since I was a new corper, I had vague knowledge about the environs. The drive…
The drive in the rain

The Drive in the Rain

A GUEST POST BY ONIFADE JOY One fateful day after my lectures, it started to rain immediately we dashed out of the lecture room. Everyone including me struggled to get buses to take us outside the school and luckily I…
attractive deciever

Becoming an attractive Deceiver

Sometimes ago, in the morning, during my internship program. I passed by a shop where different snacks were being sold. The snacks were all looking good but their meat pie caught my attention. It was so attractive and comely. I…