Battle against the Past, Present and the Future

We are in a battle…
Yes in a WAR in life..
Three things binds life together, our past, the present and the future.
Our action towards these things determine how far we will go in life.
Will we embrace our past or ignore it?
Will we live in the present conscious of the past always?
Will we hope for the future as we live each day in the present?
Our action and choice determine how far we will go in life.
But I got to say to those who still cling to the past: “The past is passed”
Either you face your ugly past and deem it consequences now or leave it and it will taunt you in the future.
The present is an intermediary and connector between the past and present: “Live your present well in preparedness for the future”
The future is Unknown and unseen by we human; only God knows our future, so a closer walk with him guarantees a blissful future.
“Conquer your PAST, live the PRESENT, and hope for the FUTURE
             .. Is a lesson
              .. Is your gift
              .. Is your motivation

Accept your past, without regrets,
Handle your present with confidence,
Face your future without fear.
The past is behind, learn from it.
The present is here, live it.
The future is ahead, prepare for it.
You are in a battle and only you can fight, you are the CAPTAIN and the leader of your own crew, how well you fight will determine what your life will turn out to be. FIGHT THIS FIGHT WELL. You can overcome and be someone great in life..
© Kudabo Victory Oluwafunmibi 2017
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