Behind that Smile %

Behind That Smile..

Behind that Smile lies a story,
Every facade to tell a mystery untold,
Behind that smiles lies some weaknesses,
Every facade with different stories.

Behind a sweet smile,
Filled with joy and happiness,
There lies deep secret tears unheard,
Yet hidden behind that Smile.

Behind a smile lies hope,
Hope for the future yet unknown,
Behind the perfect smile,
Lies an imperfect soul.

Behind that smile that bears it all ,
Behind a smile that has seen it all,
Yet behind the facade filled with pain,
There lies a sweet smile glued to the face.                
       © Copyright 2017 Kudabo Victory.

” Smile even when things are though and hard, it’s the best remedy to cure an aching heart. Learn to smile everyday,be happy even when you are not”. Live each day with a smile glued to that face..      

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