The Christian Author Interview with Clarence Arute- Episode 9

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The Christian Author Interview with Joy Egbochie- Episode 8

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What To Do While Waiting On God Part I

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Download Kari Jobe latest song- Your Nature (MP3 & Lyrics)

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When I was Born

 I was only a child with tight clenched hands, my beauty an admiration for all to behold, the pulchritude fingers that held on to my mother, the tiny smile yet

Letter to the Unknown Future

I remembered when I was to write an examination, I prepared all through the nights I couldn’t count just for this SINGLE examination, it was an important exam I couldn’t


 Jide hugged his ten year old daughter and kissed his wife gently on the cheek, the joy and happiness told in his smiles as he waved them bye and entered

Life Choices

Our Choices!!! Your choice is what you like and crave for above anything else. Everyone has choices in terms of things we eat,wear, songs we listen to, those we love

That Small Step

I just love babies as they grow. Why? Because they teach an important lesson that may seem insignificant but actually worth knowing.      Babies are fragile when they are

Stand in the Gap

I thought about the phrase: Stand in the gap!!! What does it actually mean? It has several meaning depending on the situation involved. Standing in the gap simply means to

The Two Sides

“This is it! As far as I know it. It’s over, I give up, until when must i keep trying to bring out the best. “, I’ve tried all I


DECISIONS.. Until when oh ye!little one,would you learn to stand on your own,and make your own life choices,Until when would you be controlled,controlled and directed by others choices. Oh ye!


Vain!!! Vanity!!!Life is vain,with nothing so different to offer,that others had not suffered to have. As dust we became Life,So who are we if not all dust at the end

Midnight Cry

                    MIDNIGHT A moment of dread and fear, Causing me to tremble, I never want to face my dread again, because


EUPHORIA… It usurps within, an uncontrollable feeling, though at times when not expected, we tend to be happy in our own ways. A look at across the street, you see

Lost Battle

Blatant lies,Barbarians talk,Blabbering increases,Battalions shouts,Battle starts. Roaring sounds,Retrogressing and painful cries,Unending killing,Battlefield of blood,Thousands dying. Field filled with dead grasses,The wind blows gently,Blowing away the dried leaves,Silence is felt around,Battle
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MEMORIES… Fragment of fading times, just like a passing wind, It comes and becomes faint and blurry, Memories. It becomes part of us as we grow, builds us up, filled