Can you stop being beautiful?

I had this thought one  fateful day and I decided to put it down.. You answer the question deep within you.

And the question is:

Can you stop being beautiful?

Someone might be thinking, what’s wrong with this girl? What does she mean?Can one stop being beautiful?

 Beauty is essential. She must be silly.. Well, before you conclude, read further

But really, can you stop being beautiful?

Are you still surprised? Is my question stupid? Of course it is right

But it isn’t stupid and I mean what I ask, can you stop being beautiful?

And the answer is:

You can’t


Because everyday you grow and develop and as you develop, you add beauty.

Isn’t it surprising when someone you know suddenly after five years become so beautiful, you wonder why?

You ask yourself, if that person was really the one or not?

Then slowly you proceed to ask within you

“How did this sister become so beautiful?” When and when did it happen?

You can’t stop being beautiful especially at that age you are in.

You aren’t old now, you are still young; so you can’t stop being beautiful.

Since… you can’t stop being beautiful then…

You mustn’t stop striving to achieve the best.. Or have you stopped?

You had a dream back then, but now its just like the dream is another phase of your life that’s buried.

No one wants to stop being beautiful, so also you mustn’t stop trying to achieve that goal you have.

That goal you have itself is the BEAUTY.

You mustn’t stop striving to make it look more beautiful and perfect. Though it may take time

To achieve that goal, its a surety you will come across hurdles so high to cross, but remember you can’t stop being beautiful facially because when you notice rashes and pimples on your face, how do you feel?

You wish to keep your face clean right? You keep trying to make it clean so also that hurdle seeming so high to cross to reach the goal is like pimples and rashes. Keep trying and with time, your face looks beautiful right?

Time… it is important

With time, you will achieve it, you will get to the goal and you will look beautiful

Because actually,

You really can’t stop being beautiful…

You are beautiful.

From the desk of the writer,
Kudabo Victory

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