Maintaining Well-Being Through Stressful Times

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Can nutrient therapy boost your energy?

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Her body in form of repose against the wall,Eyes filled with uncertainty closed,She wished to know what was wrong,Curious to know but it was against her will A quick recall of her past crept in,For she has a tale to tell,Who would she beg to listen?Broken she was even with the smile Banish my mind,For …

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What do you see?When their hands are held together,In unity they are bonded,In love they pour their heart, For what do you see?Just when couples pray together?They aren’t just bonded with love,They are One, For when couples pray,In unity of mind,They rend the heavens,And call down the heavenly, For when couples pray,With one accord, they …



TITLED: FIRST TIME Fat and chubby was never a problem to me. But I avoided being called obese. I hated that word. Satisfaction with who I am and what I looked like was a thing of admiration even among my friends. They often advised me to slim down but I saw no need in it …

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This is a free verse poem, no perfect rhythms; just me writing freely.. It doesn’t have any valid title, feel free to give it one after reading.. I hailed from the city of wealth,A family with so much affluence,Had all I wanted within my reach,It felt so good to have in abundance In the land …

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Yes! We are better by far!And our friend, our lives to stay;This little and sturdy car,Keeps us company everyday. Crawling slowly, tugging on,Students fight to get therein;And such stress is never fun,Terrible daily Routine. From PS to terminus,Never stops to breathe in air;Noisy, rowdy, funky bus,Takes us all for just T-fare. Drivers screaming for their …

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Where Is Your Faith?
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