Christian Poems

A Poem on Fear %

A Poem on Fear

Fear cripples, and it is an unpleasant emotion. But with prayers, the grip of fear can be overcome. Read this poem on fear.
Midnight Chats with God %

Midnight Chats with God

Beloved, come in for a midnight chat with God, you have worries, anxiety filling your heart. Speak, for your saviour is ever ready for a table talk. Your secret is safe with him
The power of resurrection

The Power of Resurrection: A Poem

The resurrecting power of Jesus is widely discussed in Christianity. Read this short but powerful poem as you reminiscence on the great wonder of God's resurrecting power in the life of a sinner
Just come as you are: A message to those feeling guilty

Just Come: A timely poem to the Guilty

Are you feeling guilty because of your sins? Do you feel God's love isn't sufficient for you; this mini poem titled Just Come explains that the Saviour wants us to be a part of his family, all we need do is just come into his loving arms no matter what we have left behind