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How is your Spiritual life?

But then, why do we hate the question ‘How is your spiritual life?’ Why are we so pissed, unhappy with it? Why do we term that question to be unnecessary meddling? Didn’t the Scriptures admonish us to be our brother’s keeper? Why then, does the majority love to speak more often of material things than answer this question when asked?

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The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 7

There is a secret about the General we never know; even Hosea doesn’t. Between life and death, Hosea remained fearless, why? The General wondered but when Hosea made a mistake he wasn’t supposed to; his life would soon be over before we know it

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This is a time to Hope: 3 things to do when hoping in God

What time are we in the world? This is a time to Hope and not panic. What are th three things we as believers in the world need to do while hoping for salvation? Read also 10 productive things you can do while waiting on God. We are sureky going to ove

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