Christian Tales

Unworthy but say the Word- A story according to the Centurion Soldier's faith

Unworthy but Say the Word: The Faith of the Centurion’s Soldier

The Centurion had the greatest faith ever recorded in the Bible. This story has been written to address the new generation Christians that often speaks the word of the Centurion; Unworthy but say the Word. Just like the Centurion, how can we apply the Centurion's faith in all situations of Life?
Running to God and not man

How to find our refuge in Jesus

Where did man ever have the strength to wrestle with his maker? Why is man being tossed here and there seeking for solution when there is one at their fingertip? Why derail when you can be discovered for miracle when you turn your trust to God? Read the story of Panasa and take a lesson or two

I was Rescued- A poem by Ifeoluwa Ajao

In this blog post by Guest writers, IFEOLUWA AJAO tells us a descriptive story of what it means to be rescued and how God's saving grace remains available for us all.