On Spiritual Growth

Enjoying the Forgiveness that Christ's brings

Enjoying the Forgiveness that Christ brings

The best of any spiritual man on earth is yet limited by his humanity. By his weaknesses and flaws. And while you may be crucified by others for your character flaw, Jesus in whom we have our perfection, is waiting to have you read this post. He has something to say about those weaknesses.
Why Personal Christian Conviction matters

Why Personal Christian Conviction Matters

As you walk the Christian faith, build your conviction on God and his Words. If you do not build firmly on them, when life throws pressure on you, compromise would come as the best option.
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Don’t let me slip, Lord

Chosen, redeemed and loved. That's who we are as children of God, the authority to decree a thing is in our mouth. Do not allow the devil rub you of your blessing, decree, possess and it shall be yours.
How is your Spiritual life?

How is your Spiritual Life? Does this question piss you off?

But then, why do we hate the question ‘How is your spiritual life?’ Why are we so pissed, unhappy with it? Why do we term that question to be unnecessary meddling? Didn’t the Scriptures admonish us to be our brother’s keeper? Why then, does the majority love to speak more often of material things than answer this question when asked?