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Should a christian watch TV

Have you ever wondered if you would go to hell because of your vital TV addiction signs, or aren’t sure if music is a sin or not? If you are in a dilemma about what the Bible says about entertainment, grab your Bible, kiss it, and follow me to discover hidden secrets that will leave you with a sense of lasting peace.

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How do I define my faith as a Christian

And as Christians, one question that never fails to appear on the surface of our minds, is the question of our Faith. With all the ideologies, misconceptions, beliefs, religions and doctrines prostituted in this present generation, it is becoming increasingly important for we as Christians to define our Faith.

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Chosen, redeemed and loved. That’s who we are as children of God, the authority to decree a thing is in our mouth. Do not allow the devil rub you of your blessing, decree, possess and it shall be yours.

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