Classy yet Classless

“Do you really need to buy that dress?” Arewa asked Joy

Joy smiled nodding in affirmation. Arewa just stared blankly at her, not sure of what to say to convince her, also today was indeed one sunny day, and she has no strength for argument.

“Okay, but I can only lend you #3500,you will have to source for the remaining #2000” she said opening her bag with hint of annoyance shown on her face.

“Arewa now, I know you have the money, just lend me everything; I promise to return on Saturday, I promise” she said pleading

Arewa grumbled and with a lazy look, she skimmed through her bag for her wallet. Joy screamed in happiness when the sum of money was handed over to her.

“You know that’s why I love you.” She said still smiling as she pecked her cheek.
Arewa who was still unhappy with her choice gave her a fake smile as she watched her triumphantly pay the cashier the money for the gown she  wanted to buy.

I need the spirit of restraint. Arewa thought within her. She wished she had the will power to avoid giving out her money to Joy whenever she wanted to buy something useless and unnecessary. I mean, she has a lot of clothes, why in the world does she need the dress she just bought? I asked myself

Joy changed into the dress and came out of the dressing room with joy and happiness written all over her face. She looked happy and yet beautiful in the cloth indeed. She was beautiful, no doubt about that

“I look beautiful right?” She asked when she saw the mesmerised look on Arewa. That look gave her the answer she needed

“I know that look, am beautiful in it, gosh;  Arewa I so much love this dress. Thanks a lot” she said still grinning as she gave me another kiss on the cheek.

What’s with her and kisses? I had no strength to ask her that, I wanted to leave the boutique as soon as I can. I was still bothered about the money I gave her, when will she return it?

“Let’s go home” she said and I stared at her. She was still dressed in the new dress. Won’t she change back into her cloth? And her next reply gave me the answer I wanted

“Oh, this” she said pointing at this dress with admiration.” I want to wear the dress throughout the day, I just love it”

“But…” I was about talking when she dragged out of the boutique bidding the cashier bye. The look of surprise on the cashier was unfathomable. She was busy watching Joy’s drama ever since we stepped into the boutique.

And the last thing, Joy did even surprised her the more.

I was literally mute, not sure of what to say to her.

Next week….

Joy came knocking on my door, with tear filled eyes

I looked at her, this method won’t work on me. Whenever she comes crying, she is always for money promising to return because she needed to buy a dress or cloth desperately

“What again?” I asked waiting to hear another story she is ready to come up with. After the boutique incident, I had my mind made up ,never to give her money for cloth. Never again..She should make do with the clothes she had.

“I’m in soup” she said crying

“What happened?” I asked this time, I was concerned. Her tears looked real.

“I have this week to balance up my money for my project work, also my tuition fees is yet to be completed, my house rent is due and I haven’t bought Mr lasun lecture material…” she said counting

“Its okay, stop counting” I said, I couldn’t hear more tale.

 Its just enough. I needed a break. A break from all her nonsense.

When will she ever grow up??

“Arewa, will you give me the Money?” She said stopping her tears.

“How much do you need?” I asked wanting to hear the price

She instantly smiled and said “#50,000, that’s all for now”

I laughed at her and hissed, after clapping my hands together; so typical of me when someone is lying to me

Looking at me surprised; she asked ” What’s that about, Arewa? I really need this money and here you are laughing, are you even a good friend? “

” I am ,so keep quiet and let me tell you the truth ”  Arewa said staring at her

Joy kept quiet, never for once had she seen Arewa speak like this. She was always the easygoing and gentle type. A girl who falls for her every word

“So listen Joy, as a good friend I must tell you this; stop lying”

She looked surprised at the word “lying”

“Its enough and am tired of you lying, every blessed time you need money; you come to me with different story all the time and I always give you the money; this time is different, am not giving you a dime and I mean it. Must you buy new clothes everyday? Must you? Have you forgotten that I bought Mr lasun’s material for you last week, I also remembered that you have paid your fees, your receipt is inside my bag, your mother paid the landlady herself with fear of the fact that you might spend the money, the money for the project was just cancelled last weekend, so stop lying”

She was short of what to say as she scratched her head “uhmm….”

“Don’t say a word Joy, even if I lend you money, you hardly return telling me stories I never wish to hear, so am tired”

“What I don’t understand is the fact that you change your cloth everyday but your character still remain as worse and annoying as it was before I became your friend . You dress in classy clothes but you aren’t actually classy; must you dress in the latest dress when you know you don’t have the financial capability? Must you?I just don’t get it, you claim you are classy but what’s really classy about you apart from the clothes you put on?”

She​ became silent, for a lot of things has been wrong in her life while she was​ being​ classy in her dressing. She was losing a lot of things that actually makes her classy.

For what are beautiful clothes, latest fashion and trendy wears; if she has no character and nothing to hold on to aside from clothing?


It is a new year and I have to ask what makes you classy?

Are you classy and yet classless?

What else do you have aside from you have?

Are you classy in term of fashion but classless when it comes to wisdom, character, behaviour and even self growth?

Why not build and rebuild the things that make you? The real YOU.

Seek for wisdom, be ready to accept correction, develop yourself; when you do this; you are really CLASSY

For you can be classy when you  really knows what makes you CLASSY,
You are classy when you are growing and developing. When the You of the past is more developed than the You now. Build not your life on material things, there is more to life than that.

Learn to be classy by developing yourself

From the Writer,
Kudabo Victory

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