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Day One: Quote Challenge

“Ease is a greater threat to Success than hardship” UNKNOWN

I love the quote above,  while I was busy racking my brain as to what should begin this edition if quote challenge;  the quote in the picture popped into my mind and I had to put it down.  While writing,  the above unknown author quote recalled in my head.
 You see,  the quote that begins this challenge is one of my best so far among my quotes because it speaks to me.  Ye, ME.   Ever wonder why your imagination shouldn’t go wild if you aren’t going to do anything about all you dream of?  It is because Ease is a greater threat.  I always dream of starting something new each day in my writing,  to the extent that I will imagine how good and responsive my idea will be to the people am offering it to,  but at times I don’t accomplish them because I sit IDLE. I was always dreaming and imagining,  I never did something.  Even this quote challenge was supposed to start yesterday but I was at ease and idle. But thank God, I started it today.

Ease is a great threat to your dream.  You got something,  why don’t you start it?

Brethren,  don’t be at ease when you have a dream to achieve.  I hope to see you working?

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