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Lolz,  don’t mind my tenses in the quote up there?  Just thought about this today, we have always been told to face our problems head on but one thing most people forget is the ‘G’ factor.  That’s GOD.  I mean challenges might weigh you down,  tears might kiss your eyebrows each day, loss of something, someone might incapacitate you BUT DON’T FORGET you are not alone.
  Tell your challenges and problems that it can break you if they want but it can’t determine your future.  Only GOD..,  notice that capital G..  it denotes greatness..  God is great not just great he is with you in every problem you face.  So wipe your face,  stop the tears,  put a smile in and tell your problem to SCRAM,  YOU’VE GOT A GOD AND HE IS WITH YOU.
    Well if you end up being broken,  remember when a light is casted upon a broken piece of glass,  it is extraordinarily beautiful.
  I remembered a song lyrics which says “WHAT IF THE BROKEN YOU IS REALLY A MASTERPIECE? “
  It ain’t time for you to give up yet. You can fight on,  head on, stay strong and come out wonderful because the capital G is with you…

   Do you know God?  That’s the first step to being better..

This dropped in my mind today and I know it is for someone reading; so baby girl or boy… Smile…  You’ve got this..  I am gonna hear your story soon..  Cheer up…  Hug yourself and say “I KNOW I CAN COME OUT FINE” God got your back….

    Till tomorrow…   I remain myself… You know the name

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