Until when oh ye!little one,
would you learn to stand on your own,
and make your own life choices,
Until when would you be controlled,
controlled and directed by others choices.

Oh ye! young lings,
when will you rise?
and learn to make life choices,
learn to stand your own ground,
So you also can grow.

Enough with indecisiveness,
you also can make your choices freely,
must you be controlled?
propelled and forced before you stand,
arise ye young ones and stand.

Choices made as you grow may be full of mistakes,
mistakes of yesterdays are not to make us fall,
pains of yesterdays are to build you up,
If now you can’t make your own choices,
How then can you learn and grow.

Nurture maturity in you,
learn from mistakes you made through choices,
Never lie low when you fall,
Stand tall and learn to accept your mistakes.

Although wrong decisions might hurt you,
but you have just crossed one hurdle in life,
you learn through that to make right choices when the time comes,
actually, being hurt and wrong is sad but it brings out a strong and better you.
Learn to make your own decisions, it shows you are growing up.

                                      BE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN MIND…

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