Dry Ink

I felt the throbbing desire,
It was tense and the joy that flows in me,
Just couldn’t be described,
But then?
Why aren’t my words coming out?

I have the idea of what to write,
But penning it down seems difficult,
So I closed my eyes ,
Allowing my self breathe deeply,
I took my pen.

I should be able to write something,
But the pen was heavy on my hand,
I never felt like this before,
But I loved writing,
So why couldn’t I write?

The idea was there,
But picking up a pen to write was difficult,
So I closed my book and flicked my pen,
Muttered a word in hope I could find ease,
But nothing came.

Well, I just rose up and walked out,
Perhaps some fresh air will give me peace,
For I am afraid?
What happens when?
When a writer’s pen is dry??

As a writer, there is a point in time when the ink is dry? What do you do?

The ink might be dry but for as long the idea still flows, you are good to go.

Now, a writer may stop writing due to discouragement, loss of loved ones and so on. Your ink stopping isn’t actually the end of it all, you just have to force yourself to keep writing even if it is rubbish. Just keep writing even things that do not make sense. I do that when I feel my ink is dry… I keep writing even rubbish and slowly the urge to write is renewed in me.

One thing is never stop writing even if the ink is dry.. Keep writing even if its rubbish. A lost touch of a writers pen can be sharpened again by writing.

When the pen is dry, you just have to keep WRITING.

Never stop. You love writing don’t you? If you really do.. Don’t stop writing even if it rubbish

Sharpening your pen series
From the desk of a writer,
Kudabo Victory

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