Esta Bien

Briskly, she walked;
Again, yet another failure,
I think I am tired of trying,
For I am married to failure

Disappointments every time,
Why always me?
What have I done?
I am tired of everything

Peers mocked me,
I guess I deserved that,
They are above my level,
I should stick to my “poor” instincts

I couldn’t mingle,
For I deserve to be single,
No friend to call my own,
No one to tell me Esta bien

I walked pass  what I called life,
Is this life or loss?
I am not living,
Am just a ghost in the shell

What have I done with life?
What have I achieved ?
So what then is my life?
Others have done more

I was tired of it all,
Tired of living a dead man,
I am just full of holes,
Waiting to be filled and made whole

Esta bien, señorita
You are not alone,
Esta bien, Mi lady
C’est bien dearest one.

Have you ever lived to a point in time when you felt like..” What is my life worth? Why am I living?”

At times, you feel so stuffed up, not because you are a failure or anything

At times, you just feel empty within

You ask yourself ” Why am I living?”

Well.. Before I tell you Esta bien.. You need to answer this question

What is life to you?

What does your life mean to you?

Once you know, no matter what comes your way… always remember C’est bien

Esta bien señorita..

Note: Esta bien is the Spanish word for “it is well” while C’est bien is French also meaning “It is well”

Written by: Kudabo Victory

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