It usurps within,
an uncontrollable feeling,
though at times when not expected,
we tend to be happy in our own ways.
A look at across the street,
you see the blind who couldn’t see,
yet happy at every stipends given ,
here you are with both eyes,
filled with sorrows and unhappiness.
At times I wonder why?
I have both legs to walk,
down the road i can cross and walk,
but someone who has no legs,
lived happily all day long.
I couldn’t afford all,
the little I had wasn’t to my heart content,
a poor little girl goes around begging,
looking for bread to fill the stomach,
yet happy and smiling.
They rode in cars far above my reach,
They live in houses I couldn’t imagine,
they dress in the latest fashion but they are not happy,
here is the poor clothed in rags but happy,
but they lived in sorrow though they blossom.
They say Wealth is Happiness,
I say Happiness itself is Wealth,
Though they in riches complain a lot,
so blinded are they to happenings around
They never looked at the world with an eye closed.
I could hear, I could talk,
I wasn’t dead but alive,
If i then live in sorrow daily,
complaining each day of thing I don’t have,
Then what should the dead say.
Take a close gaze around the world,
It’s full of tales and stories to tell,
but if you lived each day happy,
you will get to understand why,
why you must always be happy.
     No wonder, someone said and  I quote ” Happiness isn’t good enough for me ,DEMAND EUPHORIA”
Don’t just be happy each day, be extremely and excessively happy..                Copyright 2017..
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