Falling Petals Episode 6


To be…
I was surprised yet happy for him
“wow, she is indeed beautiful” I said smiling at the young lady.
“ she is one tough lady” Mark said beaming with smile.
Oh!!! Indeed, she looked like one even with her pure and beautiful smile.
“ Ok, does she know me?” I asked curiously and Mark nodded in affirmation
“she was the reason I came to your house some weeks ago, she told me to let go unless she wouldn’t marry me, I had loved her so much that I had to pay a visit to your house even though my coming ended up turning the tables around” he said with regret. At times, he wished he hadn’t told Joy what he told her that night.
Whether he told her or not, the truth will soon be out, it couldn’t be buried forever. Joy thought.
“I am so happy for you, really happy for you”
They both smiled and suddenly I remembered the day John introduced me to his parents, how much love I felt with them. Deep within, I still felt the hurt and pain of what he did. Can I ever forgive? I need grace… even though I know the grace was there.
Now my wife is always returning home late. I was always travelling for one meeting or the other. The other time I travelled, I was gone for two months.
I wasn’t available at all to follow her to the hospital, yet she said nothing claiming it was Ok, but I knew deep within that it wasn’t.
I waited for her to return that night to iron out some issues with her. Stepping into the room, she looked tired. Where was she coming from?
Allowing her to settle down on the bed, I urged her to have a talk with me.
Her tummy bulged out as he changed into a blue gown, yes; she carries their child but I wasn’t sure she was happy being pregnant for the same man that raped her years back and causing her pain.
“We need to talk, dear” I said
 She nodded and sat down comfortably on the bed. At least, she gave me the opportunity of holding her hand. That made me happy
“How is our baby?” I asked with a smile touching her tummy. She smiled
“I am sorry for not being around at all times, am really sorry” he said gently.
“It’s understandable, I understand; when I married you, I married you together with your ministry”
“No, it’s unfair; I should always be around but I can’t help it” he said in a helpless tone. Yes, he couldn’t help it.
This distance was what she feared most. He was always travelling. It was bearable when she wasn’t pregnant but now what she need is her husband always around her.
Even though, she is still learning how to forgive him but she so much craved his presence.
The church should understand that. Why should he always be on the road?
His wife was thinking and he could guess her thought with the look on her face.
“I will make it up to you, we will go to the hospital together for this week but I need you to tell me the reason why you are always coming home late”
Oh!!! she looked up at him and narrated the reason. He heaved deeply and smiled.
At least, his wife still loved him but slowly she is learning how to trust him again.
That was a relief…
Wait, was mummy seeing another man?


No, now she definitely can’t do that; she so much loved Dad.
But wait, what am I seeing?
My mum hugging another man in front of our house. The man handed her a white envelope and with a wide smile, they bade each other bye.
Where was Dad? I doubted if he was around else…
I stormed into the house with my luggage, I was returning from school since the session had closed. It had been six months now I left home, being in the penultimate year made me so busy to even visit home.
Mum was sitting down, when I entered the house.
“Mum, am back” I said happily expecting her to rise up and give me a hug but she didn’t, she just gave me a smile.
I walked up to her, she was heavily pregnant. I had forgotten my mother was a week pregnant when I left home two months ago. Oh, poor me.
She would soon be due to give birth. Am having a younger one, the thought made me smile.
“Welcome back my dear” she said weakly
“How are you holding up mum? With the load in your stomach?”
I said and she smiled. “It’s a child not a load for goodness sake, go freshen up and have your meal”
“But, where is Dad?”
“Your father travelled, he would return next week”
“Why is dad always travelling?” I asked frustrated. He should be around mum especially now when she is pregnant. Why won’t she hug another man, since her husband isn’t around?
I sat down beside my mother holding her hand. “Mum, do you perhaps have anything to tell me? As in anything that involves a man?”
She looked at me surprised. Oh, that look tells me she has something to say.
“I don’t dear, why did you ask?”
What? Nothing…
I rose up to freshen up; I would trust my mum definitely she can’t betray dad, they both loved each other a lot.
Some hours later,
Mum was asleep, when a text message entered into her Samsung phone.
Who could it be? As I rose up to pick up the phone, I stopped.
Why am I doubting my mum? Will a woman who is heavily pregnant cheat on her husband? But I was tempted to check out the message. It wasn’t a big deal since I always read her messages.
What I saw made me surprised, who is this man for God’s sake?
I scrolled through to read the previous messages and I became even surprised the more. Mum definitely can’t do this.
My mother’s attempt to rise up from the sofa, forced me to return the phone back to where I took it.
Sitting up, she asked if I had eaten and I nodded in affirmation.
“You look troubled Juliana, hope there’s nothing?” she asked me concerned
“Nothing mum” I said hiding my look with a smile.
I shouldn’t jump to conclusion. I will wait for dad’s arrival
“You sure?” she asked again this time with concern and live.
I nodded and she smiled trying to rest again.
I took the phone and continued reading the messages although some of the messages were…
Next week…
I was relieved and glad to be back home. The need to be with my wife was far above any other even though I was hungry.
Juliana startled the hell out of me as I entered the house, she stood in front of the door, she wore a serious face; I couldn’t guess whether she was annoyed or unhappy to see me.
“Dad, why did you leave mum alone? I mean…” she was about continuing but hesitated when she heard the sound of her mother’s step
What was wrong?
I wanted to ask her to continue what she was saying but I stopped when I saw my wife. She was holding up well, still looking more beautiful even in her pregnancy
She came close with a smile, this time around; it wasn’t a forced smile, it was real, pure and genuine.
Has she started learning how to forgive?
“Welcome dear, how was your trip?” she asked collecting his suit case from his hand.
He smiled at her, but Juliana kept mute the whole time. That was so unlike her.
When her mother departed into the bedroom to drop his case, his asked
“What’s wrong?”
She heaved and looking into my eyes, she decided to open up
 “Do you and mum fight?”
My heart skipped a beat… Joy couldn’t have told her what transpired between them some months ago. No, she can’t.
“Why did you ask?”

She narrated talking about the hugging and the messages she read. I just smiled. I totally understand. Joy had told me those but I kept mute; the girl must learn to trust her mother.
“Did you talk to her? About the hug and the message?” he asked, the look on her face gave him the answer he so desired.
“Ask her, it would be better you do” I advised patting her on the shoulder.
Trust matters…
I walked to the room to get changed.
I saw it right.
I can’t be wrong?
Those messages meant something… who could have sent it to her?
Well dad told me to ask and definitely I was going to ask tonight…
I received a call shortly from my friend who called me to hang out with her.
Informing my parents, I dressed up to go out.

Well, tonight it is; I will ask my mother. I walked out of the house…
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