I wanna live forever,
Holding your hands ever,
I wanna see forever,
With you by my side

I never regretted saying ‘I do’
We went through all we do,
Because we saw the need in the vow,
That kept us closely loving

Each day was with a smile,
Even at times when we cry,
We see the need in being happy,
After all, we are one together

I wanna live forever,
Growing old with you,
So when I bade this world farewell,
You will be by my side

For better, for worse;
Yes, that was my choice,
I was happy I sticked through with you,
Now I can smile and bid you farewell.

I couldn’t see forever with you,
But I lived with joy,
Because with you, forever seems short;
But it was worth it

I loved you,
I loved truly,
I tasted life,
Its ugliness​ and sweetness,
Just with you

I bid you farewell,
Though from this vain world,
But deep in my heart you reside,
A part in me that made me who I am.

It was indeed for better, for worse
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and even in death,
I will still hold you close

Because loving you wasn’t a mistake,
Growing with you wasn’t a misstep,
Travelling through with you was,
What made life so worth it

Farewell, I bid not with tears,
Farewell I say,
For you lived life well..

Marriage is one thing, growing old together is another…

Love is the basis of it all…

I dedicate Forever to families who searched for forever but couldn’t get it.. They lost it along the line. Death isn’t the end of it all, as long as you loved truly..

I hope growing old with your spouse should be your dream because it is mine.. Grow old, love together and scale through life hand in hand.

Forever really is short with the right partner..

The writer,
Kudabo Victory

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