Those times I was ignorant,
The times I tried to do it all alone,
The times I cuddle up in my room and cry,
The times I live just because I was alive

There were times I felt unfulfilled,
Times the whole world dawn on me like an heavy weight,
Times I fight woes and foes with no strength,
Times I scream to a God I have heard people talk of

Gone are the days when I know nothing of grace
Gone are the days where Christian experiences
 Seems like a hard task,
Gone are the days I live just because am a Christian

Grace took Over %

Gone are the days, I cried sore
Because I couldn’t fathom why I was sad,
Gone are the days of emptiness,
Grace filled me and made me full.

I am living testimony of grace,
His grace found me and made me grow,
I live like a giant,
Then they ask themselves; how could she?

Grace kept me thus far,
Grace held me thus far,
His grace made it all simple,
And his grace made me smile.

I say once again, gone are those days,
I can boldly say,
His grace made my story sweet,
And gave me a tale to tell the world

Grace took Over %

The grace of God found me and now I can say… Gone are those days.

Yes, Grace greater than we could Imagine, kept us thus far. Be grateful for they sufficient grace.

Grace greater, yet unfathomable
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