Hold my Hand

I know, you had it sweet,
I know, you might have it rough,
At times, it might be tiring,
depressing and uncertain

Life, I know may treat you well,
To some it is just the best,
I know the scars you try to hide,
I see the joy you couldn’t contain

I know you know,
How life is filled with feelings,
Mixed feelings they are,
I simply know all

I know how well you smile,
Even when all isn’t well
I know how you laugh,
Your happiness unknown

I know just how well
You strived to live better,
Each day, you try to be better
Living life to the best was your dream

Empty are you at times,
Lonely you may feel some days,
But living you are,
Because that’s what make you human

You lived well,
You simply lived the year best,
Filled with your good deeds and misdeeds,
You did well

At some point in the year,
You might have felt screwed up,
Felt so unsure,
But I am happy you held through

You are a testimony,
Because you came and conquer,
You are a witness,
Because you still live

But hold my hand,
You can’t do it alone in the coming year,
Less you become weary,
Don’t try to do it alone

You have held my hand before,
But hold it tightly again,
Fight not alone,
For you can’t win by yourself

Hold my hand,
Let me lead you through
I see far ahead
Why don’t you trust me?

              Signed by your heavenly Father
                     Simply with love

Okay, the year is ending and the fact that you are reading means; you did well. You fought well. The year has been tough for some, unbearable and uncertain for others but we lived through. Many of us achieved so much, some built themselves up, some fought battles in secret, some lived each day with joy but no matter how the outgoing year might have been, I have to tell you; you FOUGHT WELL. KUDOS TO YOU FOR HANGING ON TILL NOW. YOU DID WELL
   As the new year comes, I have to tell you to hold God’s hand because he alone can lead you safely through. Just trust him with your all… let him be your anchor and stay.. God is saying: Why don’t you trust me? Will you trust him?

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  From the Writer,
Wishing you happy new year in advance

To all my article readers… you guys are the best, the real MVP’s
I love you all.. From KUDABO VICTORY

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