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I remembered it was in the Year 2017 when everything changed for me. I was a teenage girl with an avid love for the internet and gadgets. I could seat hours on my brother’s computer either browsing or reading up articles on how to manage a blog and design website. Even when I applied for my computer training that year, my father frowned at the skill I said I wanted to learn.

To him, there is no money with web design, it was just a waste of my time. He advised I learn Statistical package for science students, as this would help with my final year project. Thank goodness, he didn’t force me. He left me to have my way.

During the training, others brought in their laptop while I came every morning with a tab. Who learns how to code with a tab? They must have wondered, but I downloaded apps online that could aid my training. I kept pushing every day, managing the little I could achieve with my school tab then.

Fast forward, at the end of the training for 24 weeks, we had a competition; this was to determine the best graduating student in our class. My brother’s almost dilapidated system came to my rescue, making use of what I have learned on a computer wasn’t easy. I spent weeks designing the website I was going to make a presentation on. The name of the website was WRITER’S CORNER.

How to be intentional about your progress

The D-day came, I was scared, really scared but thank God I had the gift of public speaking; the confidence oozing out of me while I spoke was topnotch, this helped hide my fears. After the presentation, the people clapped for minutes and I stood there blushing; like memories of how I had to write code using a tab flooded in, how frustrated I had been when the tab keeps hanging every minute but yet I kept pushing. The goal was, no matter what I was going to be a web designer, I was going to design a website by myself, and I was going to be an independent woman.

Well, I won as the best graduating student in that academy. The rest is history. Here is what I have to say:


If you don’t have a goal at heart; you won’t strive to make progress. Every moment will present you with enough excuses not to keep pushing for your goal


If you are not intentional about making progress in life, especially with your goal; you will be a man of many excuses.


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