Hypnic Jerk: What Exactly Does It Mean?




So you went to church that fateful day and suddenly you start dozing during the Pastor’s message, in a flash; you momentarily shake like you want to fall, your partner besides you looked at you and  thought you are under anointing or you are possessed with a demon, whereas you aren’t.

Has that happened to you before? Or you are sleeping on the bed, then you suddenly wake up, its not like you had a bad dream but just like a reflex action.  You woke up and you begin to wonder why?

85% of the world population undergoes this and some mistake it for what it isn’t. So then what is it called? That sudden jerk or awakening? What is it about and what should you do?? I will tell more about it, so read on

I had battled with this issue for some time in my life, that I begin to wonder if ever I was possessed.  At times, closing my eyes for  momentary minutes and suddenly waking up with this strange sensation of me falling down from a tall height. Then I began to wonder, what is wrong with me? I can’t be possessed or am I? Those thoughts had once filled me until I knew the cause.

Its called HYPNIC JERK. 

Hypnic jerk is an involuntary twitch that occurs when a person is beginning to fall asleep, often causing them to awake suddenly for a moment. It can also be referred to as HYPNAGOGIC JERK/ SLEEP START/ NIGHT START

Physically, this hypnic jerks can resemble a “jump” experience which is followed by a falling sensation. It is often associated with “rapid heartbeats, quickened breathing,sweat and sometimes falling into void” I experienced all these whenever I awake suddenly without me having a bad dream, then I realised I truly must be suffering from hypnic jerk.

So then what caused these jerks? Remember they are not hereditary or harmful except if they occur virtually all the time, then you need to see a doctor or a Pastor as need be

Those causes include:

1. Anxiety
2. Excess of caffeine
3. Stress or strenuous activity in the day
4. A change in sleeping position causing reflex action
5. Late sleeping or a change in sleep duration

Among others, the most common are Sleeping late, Anxiety and stress. 
Being exposed to this causes as an individual can make you experience these jerks.

Its just like you are dozing off but then you suddenly awake and you begin to wonder why. Well, don’t wonder again; its a natural stuff that happens to virtually everyone so you are not alone, neither are you possessed.

Hypnic jerks are more frequent in childhood within 4-7 times per hour in the age range of 8-12 years and they decrease as we grow up towards 1-2 times per hour at age 65-80 years of age. 

Hypnic jerks are nothing to worry about, but like I mentioned earlier on, if these jerks continues consistently, visit a doctor or a Pastor.

Hypnic jerks can be reduced simply by avoiding strenuous activities, sleeping early, overcoming anxiety. You are free to change your sleeping position as long as it is convenient for you, so if you happen to wake up in the night without you having a bad dream, just close your eyes and turn to the opposite side of the bed. There’s nothing wrong with you. It is natural because it is hypnic jerk and it happens to everyone.

Things natural are beautiful, so are these jerks but when it is too much. I say see a doctor or…….. For …….. If need be (fill in the gap)

Thanks for reading,
Love from Kudabo Victory

Some more tips that will definitely help you to get recover more fast. Hypnic jerk: Why you twitch before falling asleep.

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