If only I could

If only I could touch the world,
Holding it within the grasp of my hands,
But I know I can’t,
Because that will make me God

If only I can hold the world,
And see all around me,
Far and near,
But that will make me God

If only I can embrace the world,
Feel the pain of all,
See the tears behind the smile,
Just if only

If only I can see the unseen,
Know the struggles of man,
And explain the reason behind,
The pains we feel

If only I can wipe the tears,
Just with a mighty hand,
Which no one sees,
But I can’t,  I am just human too

If only I can mend the dreams,
Shattered dreams of hopeless beings,
And give a need to,
Every unseen need

But I just can’t,
Because I am human,
I can’t hold the world,
Neither can I embrace everyone in it.

I can’t see everyone,
Neither can I know everyone,
But I know,
Everyone can.

For in our little corner,
We can create a world we see,
Be the reason for happiness,
We carve out our little world.

Let’s leave the Almighty God,
To oversee all,
In our little world,
Let’s be the cause of joy.

For human touch human,
Yes,  for we are the same;
We are all flesh and blood,
And we have the strength to understand

For if I can hold the world,
Or embrace someone suffering,
I want to spread cheer,
But I just can’t…

  ….Because that will make me God.

So why don’t we all united in all we do..  Spread cheer,  be a friend and do the little you can..  Create a little world filled with love.  In your little corner,  be a cheer and source of happiness…

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