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It may not look like it; but it actually is

One afternoon while leaving my PPA(Place of primary assignment), I stopped a bike man asking for a ride to the secretariat office around the town, since I was a new corper, I had vague knowledge about the environs. The drive was over sooner than I thought, I could have managed taking a walk if only I knew the distance wasn’t far, with a questioning look on me, I turned to the man but before I could say a word, he was gone with the wind.

Taking a few strides towards the tainted blue iron steeled gate, I stood at the entrance not knowing which side to turn to, there was a mini gate by my right hand side, rusty looking and dusty. That wouldn’t be the way in, I thought to myself contemplating for seconds which way to turn to; if ony I had a guide. My phone was flat, if only I had some battery life reserved on it, I could have traced my way in using a google map, while tapping my legs on the dusty ground; a young woman opened the door from the big gate, she was dressed in Khaki and white top, must be a corper like me, I thought smiling in relief. We got talking and I asked for directions, she clarified my doubt about not being in the right place and with her brief description I was soon on my way after saying my thanks. For somewhat like twenty seconds, I paused at the building the lady had described to me, she had said I would see a building painted yellow and on the structure there would be a bold engraving of the National Youth Service Corps logo. With a grateful smile on my face, I stepped in through the iron gate. Another adventure to begin. 

In life, we come across things that does not look like the promises, assurances and lots more God has revealed to us, but even as we follow, we see that it’s exactly what God said. He’s not a man that he should lie. 

Joseph is a perfect example. What he went through doesn’t look like the dream God had revealed to him. It doesn’t look like the sun, moon and stars he saw bowing for him, but at the end, after those unpalatable process, it was indeed the reality of the dream. His brothers bowed down for him. 

Abraham, our father of faith, those promises God made to him didn’t seems realistic, even after many years of waiting. When God told him to kill his promised child, it was as though the promise will be shattered, but at the end, it’s what God has said. He was really a father of generations. 

David seems like he will forever remain the king of the jungle. How Saul sought to kill his life would have made his people believed he can never become the king he was anointed for, but he finally became the king of Israel at last. 

When God said ” there shall be no barren in the land” it negates Hannah’s case but at the end Samuel was the testimony. 

When Noah was instructed by God to build the ark, that He will use rain to flood the earth. After building and asking people to enter in and flee from God’s wrath, he was mocked because they didn’t believe it will happen. But finally, it rained. 

Where you are now might not look like what God has said about you, it might not look like the good thought God has towards you yet. The people that God’s mind came to pass in their life waited on God as long as it took. Abraham waited for years. So far your trust is in Him, be still and know that he is God. The road to it might not be like it. It can be full of hatred, threat, betrayal, even sadness, but the destination will surely be it. Remember Joseph experienced the same from his own  brothers, but he finally got there. 

You don’t know if where you are now is as a result of the prayer of “let thy will be done in my life you’ve prayed in the past ” Wait till it is done. 

The bike man that dropped me off is likened to God who places us where he wants us to be and the Corper that directed me to the right direction is like the Holy Spirit who direct our steps when we don’t know the way. Our part is to follow His leading. 


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