Yes! We are better by far!
And our friend, our lives to stay;
This little and sturdy car,
Keeps us company everyday.

Crawling slowly, tugging on,
Students fight to get therein;
And such stress is never fun,
Terrible daily Routine.

From PS to terminus,
Never stops to breathe in air;
Noisy, rowdy, funky bus,
Takes us all for just T-fare.

Drivers screaming for their change,
Students keep saying “Owa!”
And then struggles to get their change;
I hail thee: ‘Better by far’.

We lose energy and time,
Getting in and out of school;
Sacrificing youthful prime,
Just to learn to ‘bear the rule’.

We have learnt to show great strength,
Hope and fortitude in stress;
We have learnt to never faint,
Always keen to beat the press.

Korope, my little friend,
Whom I hate but whom I need;
I will miss thee at the end,
When I break forth from my seed.

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