Last Minute Miracle

Boldly was the word declared,
“Set thy house in order for thou shalt die”
Stood unsure of what to say,
Because it was like a final verdict
Can I change it?

The prophet had not been wrong,
He just delivered the message as he was told,
But I have a case to settle with my lord,
For its between my saviour and I

No royalty have had the opportunity,
Of being told about their death before time,
But so lucky am I to know,
So why can’t I change my fate?

Saviour, I come
I know your words are finite and final,
But remember,
Remember my labour of love
For they were rendered with a pure heart

Saviour, remember
That I obey all your words,
I have so many things to achieve,
So many battles to fight for your people.

Saviour, remember
I walked before you in a perfect heart,
I have done that which is good in your sight,
So I need a touch

man born blind brian jekel

This illness isn’t unto death,
I cried and wept sore,
For I can’t die like this,
I need to live and serve God more

While praying to the saviour,
The prophet came in,
Here is he,
Has the lord answered my prayers?

Yes, he told me God has seen my tears,
God had been moved to compassion,
And I will live,
Another fifteen years to my life.

That’s enough,
Fifteen years is more than enough,
For I just received,
A last minute touch from the lord.


If you are familiar with the bible… That was the story of Hezekiah summed up in a poem.. In 2kings 20:1-11
He changed God’s word with his prayers… so what makes you think you can’t change things… do it in your secret place of prayer and expect a last minute miracle just as Hezekiah of old

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