Letter to the Unknown Future

I remembered when I was to write an examination, I prepared all through the nights I couldn’t count just for this SINGLE examination, it was an important exam I couldn’t afford to fail.
 On that faithful day that I would write the examination, I was afraid and scared, several thoughts flooded through my mind; like what if I failed the exam or what if what I had read for days wasn’t what I was being tested on? I didn’t know what was ahead because I couldn’t fathom what could happen or what was meant to actually happen. Oh!! That’s exactly what the FUTURE is like, it’s just UNKNOWN.
     As I sat down to finally write the examination, I was happy with what I saw, my efforts weren’t in vain , then I questioned myself as to ask the main reason why I was actually scared and afraid; I was afraid because I did not have the faintest idea of what lies ahead of me as concerning that examination I was to write. That’s how our LIFE is, it’s just UNKNOWN; it contains the unseen, unheard, unknown and unfathomable.
   The future ahead of us is just like embarking on a journey with a destination in mind but not knowing what lies ahead, travelling through the sea but not knowing what lies at the other side of the sea but you just keep travelling.
  So here​ is my letter to the unknown future:
 ” Dear future me, I dont know what you look like or what you will turn out to be, I can’t say what you will face or how you will face them, I don’t know what will make you cry or laugh or sad or even angry. I don’t know your fears at that stage. Who are your friends? Who are those dear to your heart? Who stands by you despite all you have faced? I really don’t know even though you are ME. What are those things you admire now? What are those weaknesses and strengths you have acquired? What exactly will you be, my future ME? Are you the same ME or a evolving Different ME? I have these fears in me hoping the future me won’t be something so different entirely from what I hoped for. Dear Future, you are the unknown I must get to know as times go on. If I let the fear of the unknown YOU tarnish the KNOWN me, then when the UNKNOWN surfaces how will I face the unknown when that time comes; I will just dwell on the passing present and model my present towards my desired future, I will sail the sea of the unknown and face every difficulty I face with boldness. I will believe in my present and hope for a better future, not have fear for my future. It’s from the known I will get to discover the unknown, it’s from my present that my future is modelled. So dear future, no matter the change you might have experienced, I believe it’s from the present you have faced that brings about the change. FUTURE is modelled from how we live our PRESENT”
      Don’t have fear for the future, the future is made from the present.. The future is really unknown , but the present is known and is ongoing. Like in mathematics, to get the unknown we use the value of the known to get the unknown right? It also applies to life, live each present to discover the Unknown future.  
     I do hope I passed a message to someone out there, feel free to comment and Follow me up. Thanks for reading to the end, you are loved, really loved.      © Kudabo Victory

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