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Our Choices!!!

Your choice is what you like and crave for above anything else. Everyone has choices in terms of things we eat,wear, songs we listen to, those we love and hate, where you go and things you do. At times choices are made by us, at times they could be imposed . To me, although I can’t say about you, choices are at times influenced by fate. You make some choices because they are meant to happen. They are also at times predestined.
     In choosing life career, I actually think choices are mostly at times influenced against our own will. I have come across several people who wanted to be something but end up being another thing entirely. I actually wanted to study Medicine but I ended up studying to become a Biochemist. Cases like these flood everywhere where dreams are shattered, actually reduced to a waste because of one reason or the other. Wait, in these scenerio, others would say there is no will to pursue that’s dream, well that’s partially right; It’s said when there is a will,there will definitely be a way. But have you thought about it to this extent, you actually dreamed to be a doctor, virtually everyone dreams about being so,but was that your calling? At times in making choices,you view the aspect of it being your “CALLING” especially in career choices. Do you have the capacity to achieve that dream, if you do definitely wait around for the right time,things will work out well. But if you don’t, fate will definitely make the right choice for you.
  Hmm, several students flood our universities some who fate has influenced their choices negatively or the other way round,or those who make those choices wrongly. They study this, when in actuality fact they should have studied ‘that’ , some study ‘that’, when they should have studied ‘this’. Well fate could change for good, when we all learn to find the right path meant for us, and if by chance we miss that path due to one circumstances or the other ,we should trust in life and fate to direct us to make the right choice.
    Am not saying,we shouldn’t make choices ourselves, but our Choices at times isn’t always correct. Right now,are you doing something against your own will, learning something or studying something against your choice, my dear flow with the tide of life, look on and make the best use of it. All mistakes aren’t virtually mistakes in the actual, they might be leading you to something better.
       Who says life isn’t full of choices? It’s full of pleasant,bitter,happy and hard choices but know that at times life can’t always be wrong with the choices it gives you. You are to make the best use of the choices life throws your way.

Drop your comments!! Have been thinking lately about dropping my first novel on my page, I do think it’s actually the time. Wait for it. It’s going to be a nice ride.
   Special thanks goes to a friend of mine whose name I will keep anonymous for inspiring me to write this post. Am grateful and happy to know you.. Thanks for reading, love you guys a lot…

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